\Van Saar are getting a new model reveal this morning with the Cyberarchnids. 

Every season is spider season for the Van Saar. Last time, we showed you their terrifying new multi-limbed Servo-suit, but the House of Artifice is taking it one step further with an Augmek accompanied by three venomous Cyberachnids.

The Van Saar Augmeks, already on almost equal footing with their Prime leaders, are enough of a threat on their own due to their immense firepower. However, this new kit gives you the option to add one to your gang with a small entourage of eight-legged pals, which represent a twisted echo of their house sigil. 

Cyberachnids are bred from Necromunda’s mutated spider population, and they’re cybernetically modified into loyal killing machines. If they’re not poisoning or tearing apart their enemies, they’re scaring them straight into their masters’ crosshairs.

Of course, the Augmek is deadly with or without their spindly squadmates. 

In the Van Saar’s latest attempt to stay out of melee range, this Champion comes equipped with a hulking great lascannon to pick off rival gangers from almost anywhere on the board. This double-barrelled variant is unique to the Van Saar, and it’s one of the most devastating weapons used in the underhive, able to melt through heavy armour and wipe out even the toughest enemy brutes. 

This Van Saar Augmek and his Cyberachnids will be arriving in the underhive later this year.

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