The Orks Codex is coming this weekend to preorders and today we have some previews of rules to check out including the infameous Snikrot

via WarCom

There are plenty of new rules, Relics, and Stratagems to boost the power of your Orks, so here are a few of our favourite combos to get your strategic mind pulsing with the power of Mork (or possibly Gork).

Da Smashiest Squig
Smasha squigs are bred for careening headlong into the enemy, using their thick skulls to batter hapless infantry aside. In-game, they can cause a pile of mortal wounds to anything they charge, and the Blood Axes’ ability to repeatedly charge the same target makes them especially good at this.

While some units might worry about obliterating their opponent in a single turn and being left out in the open and vulnerable to shooting, the Nob on Smasha Squig has a back-up plan. If he ends up killing his target with a particularly good charge, his mount’s momentum can carry him into the next target straight away.

Da Killiest Boss
We all know Ork Warbosses are proper killy, but just how deadly can one truly be? To find out, we first take a Beastboss on Squigosaur, who are already very strong in their own right (naturally he’s a Goff, as they’re the choppiest Orks of all). Then we add the Warlord Trait Might is Right and the Relic Headwoppa’s Killchoppa for some direct melee power, in classic Goff style.

Our Beastboss is a particularly brave fellow, and so surrounds himself with Weirdboyz* to channel the power of Gork (or possibly Mork) through him. When blessed with the Warpath and Fists of Gork psychic powers, his already fearsome Strength goes through the roof, and that’s before we put the cherry on top by calling a Waaagh!

Eleven attacks means he can fell a mighty Land Raider in a single good turn. It’s easy to see how the monster-hunting Beast Snaggas could come to respect an Ork capable of such unbridled destruction.

Da Sneakiest Gits
Their Throat Slittas ability makes them experts at rooting enemy units out of terrain, especially when strengthened by the Warpath psychic power seen above. Equipping your Ork Kommandos with a Distraction Grot even lets them pull off their back-stabbing ways once without any cover around, clearly because the enemy is too busy looking at the grot’s adorable little goggles.

Best of all, if you’re fielding a Blood Axes mob, you can take the indomitable Boss Snikrot to boost your Kommandos even further. 

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