Duncan is launching his Kickstarter today! A full range of 60 paints.


Official Announcement:
Trans Atlantis Games are proud to announce the launch of Two Thin Coats Paints, a new paint range developed in partnership with the Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy.

The Two Thin Coats paint range will launch with a Kickstarter campaign that will go live on Tuesday the 7th of September 2021, at 9am EST (USA) and 2pm GMT (UK). Interested painters can click this link to visit the campaign or to sign up for a reminder.


There’s more information at the Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy web site:

The Two Thin Coats Paints Range consists of 60 high quality acrylic paints, each developed from the ground up with some of the best paint development chemists in the world. These are not paints that were just “bought off the shelf” and bottled. Each colour was formulated to meet our high standards of what we thought a miniature paint should be.

The team of Duncan Rhodes and Roger Yates has been instructing hobbyists for years, from their time at Games Workshop and now at The Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy.

Trans Atlantis Games is headed up by Industry veteran Bob Watts, along with Peter Buxton and Steve Herbert, who will be bringing high quality games and accessories to the hobby games market.
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