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9 Yhetees, most of Hrothgorn and his Mantrappers, a Firebelly, and a Mawpot.

I finally found a snow basing method that I like that doesn’t require 30 pots of GW technicals but still creates a fresh snow look, adds thickness, and creates slight undulations to simulate uneven ground. 3 parts baking soda: 1 PVA Glue: 1 white craft paint. Immediately after applying, sprinkle more baking soda on top. Seal 3:1 PVA to water (with a drop of flow aid if needed) applied with a dropper, then gloss varnish. Keeps it looking fresh. If you try this, just be careful with the baking soda as it can irritate and dry out your eyes.

Next, I’ll be painting base rims, basing the Firebelly after blending his arm/flame, painting Hrothgorn’s cat, and finishing a Frost Lord on Stonehorn.


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