This is more of a tease than a full reveal. Kind of a something is coming, here are some hints, and suck it for now. In reality the hints are awesome and don't forget to watch the video!!! Intriguing.

via WarCom

For our final tease from the event, we’ve got whispers straight from the war-torn wastes of the Eightpoints, where things are heating up like the furnaces of Tharkar Zaal* itself. 

Warcry is a fast and furious game of warband-on-warband violence. Devoted cultists fight to prove their worth to the Chaos gods, agents of Order battle to bring them down, and Death and Destruction are inevitable. 

Now, there are rumblings of a new struggle beneath the Varanspire, and mysterious creatures have delivered us a morsel.

An itsy-bitsy ditty echoes from the caverns – many fangs** to the Varanspire Octaves for singing us that.

What does this mean for Warcry? Well, we’d love to tell you everything, but we’re in a bit of a bind. 

There’s a name though – Red Harvest. And it already has us itching to find out more.

We’ll leave it up to you to weave together the clues. All we can say is this – make sure your warbands clear the cobwebs off their weapons and armour, because they’re in for the fight of their lives.


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