The new Stormcast Eternal Battletome comes out this weekend and with it the Path to Glory will give every army their own personal touch. 

via WarCom

The Path to Glory system gives every army a unique flavour. You’ll start off as a small force, but as you play more games your troops will earn boons, suffer lasting injuries, and grow their territory and power. 

In another first for Warhammer Age of Sigmar, you can now found your very own Stormhost with three core tenets each broken down into nifty individual options. Choose two allegiance abilities that fit the background you want, and you can tailor your army to your preferred play style. 

Creating your own Stormhost isn’t the only way to build up a story for your warband, of course. The Quest system means every game matters, as your army earns a reputation in the crucible of battle. 

It also allows the game’s designers to make specific goals for each faction, emphasising their traits and rewarding you for echoing their roles in the background in your games. 

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