The Book of Outcasts looks promising with new groups that are always for hire in your Necromunda games. This new supplement is coming later this year.


 Kal’s Heroes

Kal Jericho’s deeds are legendary across Necromunda* but, despite what he might claim, he does sometimes need help. He’s more than happy to rope in some underhive scum to help him out, and for the right price, those outcasts will happily ignore the danger. Kal recently took on Orlock Road Boss Knives Kurg, accompanied by a dozen or so scum, some of whom were even former members of Kurg’s gang.

Bringing Down Corrupt Cops
In the depths of the underhive, there is a hooded gunfighter that simply goes by the name “Stranger”. He’s been known to surround himself with gangs of outcasts whom he then takes on hunts to bring down rogue Enforcers. If the Merchant Guild won’t put a bounty on their heads, the Stranger will be there dishing out his own brand of justice.

On the tabletop, you can form an Underhive Outcasts Gang and choose the Stranger as the Leader, or you can hire him as a Bounty Hunter. Whether you choose to hunt down Enforcers with them is your choice, though.

Standing Against the Dark Gods

Sometimes it takes a wyrd to protect other wyrds. Not only did Tarvos Kyne reject the influence of the Dark Gods and destroy the cult that was trying to convert him, he also created a sanctuary for other psykers on Necromunda. It’s said that only psykers can pass through the dark sphere that surrounds the Midnight Realm, making it the perfect place for wyrds to find safety from those who would harm them or misuse their gifts.

When you form a gang, your Leader can be designated as a wyrd, giving them access to the new psychic powers in the Book of the Outcast. You can also give your Gang Champions wyrd powers – with that much warp-infused magic around, you’re bound to find the Midnight Realm.

Lord Helmawr Slights the Guild of Crowns
Deep in the sumps sits Dravii Lokis, plotting his revenge as the leader of what was once the Guild of Crowns. Formerly the scribes of the Noble Houses, the guild kept track of their history and maintained correspondence among the nobility. 

With this kind of access, it was only a matter of time before Lord Helmawr decided the Crowns were too powerful, and one day he simply banished them from the spire. Now Lokis builds up his army of outcasts, ready to reclaim his rightful place in Necromundan high society. And if that’s refused to him, maybe he’ll just have to find a way to distribute all of those genealogy records that he still owns…

It’s available to pre-order later this year

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