This is something I first heard a while ago, in fact quite a awhile ago, and rather dismissed it. However, now that I have heard it a few times it was time to share, with a huge story line change bombshell that was enough to leave me dazed, and confused.

Spoiler Alert
Please do not go any further if you do not to know this.

Please remember that this is nothing more than rumors at this point.

8th Edition is shaping up to have some big changes in it, especially if what he hear is true about Cypher possibly killing Abaddon. I will be the first to admit that I truly don't understand this next part, or what it could mean, and if it had not been from several different places or sources then I would of dismissed it.

Warhammer 40k in 8th edition will be called The Age of the Emperor

A couple of you will quickly draw some serious implications from this. Not only from the standpoint of storyline and what does this mean, but to the similarities of the title to The Age of Sigmar.
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