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Hi there, Oracle of What Is To Come,

I figured I’d send something a little different through. I’ve taken a brief break from the Grimdark to get behind some… uh… westdark? Malifaux! Monsters and cowboys, and all the things that are good in life (specifically monsters and cowboys)

I spent the last week power building and speed painting a Ten Thunders crew led by Lucas McCabe in order to play in a tournament last weekend. I… did not win. I think I may have discovered a new category for losing, but dammit I think these models are gorgeous and I want to share!

The crew consists of Lucas McCabe (on foot and mounted), the Ototo, a Jorogumo, two Wastrels, and the fearsome Master Queeg. There should also be a dog, but I may or may not have forgotten to take that photo.  For an idea of scale, these are 32mm minis – taller than your standard heroic 28mm, but the detail is a touch finer due to the non-heroic scaling.

I hope these are new and interesting sculpts for people to look at – I know they’re some of the most fun mini’s I’ve painted in years!


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