Big Terrain sale events are coming in November according to these rumors. Literally 25% off for terrain sets is a good deal, and something I would be looking forward to if this all pans out and there is enough demand for them.

Please remember that these are rumors right now. There is a lot of details on these, and if they are indeed needed to be ordered soon, we should be getting more details and images soon (if not an official announcement)

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Later this year around November, GW is planning to release several terrain sets and paint sets just in time for the holiday season. These will all have about 25% price reduction over buying everything separately. The sets will only be produced if globally there is enough demand that GW can justify making them. If you wish to get these then you need to tell your stores that you would like to order them before March 3rd.

Citadel of the Everchosen
Prices $660, £400, €560  approx 25% deal
2 Chaos Dreadhold Helforts
4 Chaos Dreadhold Skull Keeps

Sector Mechanicus Hive Shield
Prices $206, £125, €175  approx 25% deal
2 Voidshield Generators
1 Haemotrope Reactor
1 Promethium Relay Pipes

Outpost Pythos IV
Prices $165, £100, €140  approx 25% deal
1 Deathworld Forest
1 Munitorum Armoured Containers
1 Imperial Bastion

Ruins of Elixia
Prices $149, £90, €126  approx 28% deal
1 Baleful Realmgates
1 Numinous Occulum
1 Ophidian Archway
1 Dragonfate Dias

Base and Shade Paint Set
Prices $206, £125, €175  approx 33% deal
47 paints
35 Base 12 shade

Base and Effects Paint Set
Prices $206, £400, €560  approx 29% deal
11 texture and 10 technical paints
Aos Bases and 40k bases
mordheim turf and middenland tufts

Project Paint Set
Prices $206, £125, €175  approx 32% deal
49 paints
8 shade, 11 base, 10 dry, 20 layer

Layer Paint Set
Prices $248, £150, €210  approx 45% deal
72 layer paints

Air Paint Set
Prices $206, £125, €175  approx 28% deal
52 air paints

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