Lady Atia has the new Shadow over Hammerhal and digs into the game play and some new features for this addition of Warhammer Quest.

She also has some pics over there. Definitely worth checking out before yours arrives or you are going to pick it up this weekend.

and the sprues

via Lady Atia on War of Sigmar.... I mean Bob.
After a quick look at whq Shadow over Hammerhall some info about the Gameplay/rpg aspect

1) The game is with a GM, it's a great step forward. You play it with 1-4 players and 1 gm. The GM option are increasing and there quite a few nasty action you can do (ambush, getting renforcement, retreating..)
2) You can buy/sell stuff, visit the town between mission and try different activity (common stuff for PC in a town ^^)
3) Equipement, skill and artefact look more interesting.
4) The cute Archimaine have to be found if i read correctly (check one of the pics)
5) There is 10 npc stats bloc, they are retro compatible with the silver tower.
6) Check the pics about adversary action, you see you can ignore behavior table an play the monster as you decide.
7) 3 levels of difficulty (heroic,legenday,hardcore) hardcore is group die = you die ^.
8) A lot of the level are linked by staircase where you can go deeper or go the Cinderfall district.
9) You can use all the silver tower hero.

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