W40K: Inquisitor - Martyr received a new update yesterday and also fixed the issue with Co-op crashing. This means players can now jump in and play with their friends on missions. The group size is at a maximum of three for now, for now the size of the group will remain at three players unless the developers decide to change it.

Here is a list of fixes:

  • Fixed numerous crashes
  • Fixed chat scrolling errors
  • Tutorials now only appear once
  • Fixed an issue where after restarting a mission, you could get rewards
  • Fixed an issue where Reborn Plagueseers did not attack the player
  • Melee characters can now open security doors
  • It is now easier to hit enemies behind pillar covers
  • Fixed an issue where players were stuck in a party even though they left
  • Skill popups coming from the Artifact popup now have a better location
  • Numerous party window fixes
  • Fixed an issue where players could not remap movement to WASD or anything else
  • Fixed an issue where player accounts got stuck and the game crashed after pressing play
  • Fixed a missing string for the message "Already loggged in"
  • Removed Enable Controller tickbox from options menu (it will come back later ;)
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when players tried to delete characters when there were none
  • Fixed an issue that caused a missing DSCOMPILER_47.dll error message
  • Players can now close the skill tab properly
  • Fixed an issue where players' loot got removed after getting back to the Hub
  • Fixed a crash occurring during Elite fights
  • Removed the Master Volume bar (it did nothing)
  • Chaos portal is no longer invulnerable
  • Dreadnoughts can now be hit with melee weapons
  • Plasma cannon now has textures
  • Deleted characters now do not appear on the selection screen
  • Fixed an issue where blue weapon attachments reverted to the old ones
  • Fixed an issue where equipping a 2H weapon messed up the inventory
  • Fixed a dupe glitch
  • Other minor fixes

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