Quite a bit coming this week for the Stormcast Eternals pre-orders. Here we have the full list, details, and prices

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Deathworld Forests - 130$
-Contains all 4 new Terrain Pieces featured in Februarys White Dwarf
-84 Parts
-Rules are within the Box aswell

Battletome: Stormcast Eternals - 40$
-Contains all Stormcast Eternal Battlescrolls
-29 Warscroll Batallions
-Scions of the Storm Battle Traits, which lets them Basically Deepstrike
-New Traits for Heroes riding on Creatures of Legend
-Uniform Guides aswell as Background for every unit, character and monster
-Path to Glory Rules with Warband tables

Battletome: Stormcast Eternals Limited Edition - 80$
-comes in a Soft-touch Magnetic Fold Hardcover with Stormcast Artwork and Gold Foil edging.
-Limited to 300 Copies

Warscroll Cards - 25$
-31 Cards for each units Warscroll for quick games
-Also includes tokens to indicate allegiance abilities, skills and status

Vanguard - Hunters - 60$
-10 Models
-2 Models can be built with a astral compass, 2 other models can be assemled as hunter-prime
-optional bits like shock axes and boltstorm magazine clips to attach on the waist

Gryph - hounds - 25$
-6 models
-2 can be build as gryph hound alphas

Liberators - 62$
-The old Liberators but now in 10 man Boxes

Judicators- 62$
-The old Judicators but now also in 10 man Boxes

Prosecutors - 74$
-The old Models but now in 6 man Boxes

Space Marine Legends: Cassius - 19$
-224 Pages
-2 Companies of Ultramarines are sent to fight a Tyranid Hive Fleet with Cassius as their Leader.

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