Sanctus Reach has a contest going on now where you can win a box of pro-painted Space Wolves or Orks! So what they are looking for is for their community to create unique battlefield in their editor, and they even have a tutorial on how to do it. So break out your skills and jump into their editor and create some custom maps.

What?, Don't yet own the game? hmmm. Well, the guys at Slitherine Ltd have just the thing, they have given us 5 keys to give away today.

So here is the plan on the 5 game keys. Simply comment below that you would like to own the game and I will give away the 5 game key codes to randomly selected commentors that are interested in the game. At midnight tonight.... on my time zone- Pacific Standard Time, I will randomly select the winners and start sending out the game codes so you can get right to work on the editor.

Here is a trailer for the game

Editor Contest

One of the most interesting features of Sanctus Reach is the possibility of shaping your own dream battlefield with the immediate editor which comes with the game.

Watch this extremely useful tutorial video made by Mark from Straylight - an essential watch if you want to master the game editor!

In this video tutorial Mark from Straylight explains how to make your own dream scenario for Sanctus Reach! Get Sanctus Reach on Steam:

You're going to need all your editing skills and knowledge if you want to win our contest: make your own custom scenario and send it to us. We will pick the best designed scenario and the winner will receive a box of pro-painted Space Wolves or Orks miniatures!
That's it, you heard it right. You have a chance to win some awesome Citadel models. You'll have time until March 1st to submit your custom made scenario to us.

Editor contest
Make your scenario and send it us before March 1st.

Instructions are:
1. Download this campaign[] and extract to My Documents > My Games > Sanctus > Campaigns
2. Rename the folder to the name of your Campaign (with no spaces!)
3. In the newly renamed folder, go into Text1 and Change the Campaign Name and Campaign Description lines to you desire!
4. Open up the Editor
5. Select your Renamed Campaign and create a new scenario
6. Make your level!
7. Use the Sanctus Squad Names Plugin and attach a name to each Space Wolf Units
8. Save their Level using the save button
9. When finished, Zip up the Campaign folder you renamed and send it to

We'll pick the winner and he or she will have the choice to receive either a box of Space Wolves or Orks miniatures, already assembled and painted and ready to be employed on the field of battle!

Don't miss this amazing opportunity to leave your mark on Sanctus Reach and win a lot of Games Workshop miniatures!

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