Step away for a few minutes and all hell breaks loose. White Dwarf's November issue #3 has been revealed........ Here is what we have seen and know.

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via Tristan, in Facebook´s Horus Heresy group, we have now unveiled the new WD Monthly Issue 3!!! The November issue!

- Prospero PreHeresy Box. Is that Bjorn Fellhanded between the Adeptus Custodes?
- Grombindal will have a DLC free with the magazine for pc game Total War

So in issue 2 the gift will be the comic Will of Iron, in issue 3 the White Dwarf will have the White Dwarf hehehehe

things of interest.............
Specially these things,....
Age of Darkness
Rules for Legio Custodes
in Horus Heresy Battles

The Burning of Prospero
Space Marines, Legio Custodes and more in this brand new boxed game.
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