Just to be make sure we are looking at all the intel out there, here is the next set of information that has been in.

via Draner on Dakka

Hi guys, I do not actually have the codex but some guy was nice enough to send me pictures. It is in French so posting pictures is quite useless. I do not have it all, but here it is :

New QG : death company chaplain (actual cost +35). Same statline, has inferno pistol, jump pack and the Astorath reroll to wound rule.
Grav-cannon and eviscerator as anticipated.
New stuff: a thunder hammer master crafted for 6 meltabombs.

Formations are the following (I do not have them all):

Angel’s blade strike force (meta detachment)
Bonus: reroll warlord trait, red thirst (same as now) and zealot for every unit below half initial size (rounded below).
Core: battle demi company or archangels demi company
Command: Golden host, Leader of the angelic host, chapter ancients
Auxiliary: Archangel orbital intervention, 10th company ambush, death company strike force, Lucifer armoured task force, stormraven squadron, rapid assault force, fire support force

Lost brotherhood (meta detachement)
Bonus: Reroll warlord trait, red thirst, and 6” free move just after you deploy an unit. Does not work with reserves.
Core: death company strike force
Command: Death company command (1-3 astorath, lemarted, DC chaplain)
Aux: orbital intervention, 10th company support, Lucifer armoured task force, stormraven squadron, rapid assault force

Battle demi company (core)
1 captain or chaplain
1 command squad (if the captain is chosen)
3 tactical
1 assault, bike, attack bike or land speeder
1 dev squad
1 dreadnought
1 furioso dreadnought (if the chaplain is chosen)
Bonus: reroll warlord trait if main detachment and red thirst (same as now). YES it is the SAME bonus as in the angel’s blade strike force…WTF GW. No obsec.

Archangels orbital intervention force (auxiliary)
3 units of the assault or regular terminators
Bonus: all units must be put in reserve and roll together. No reroll.
When the deep strike, regular terminator can fire twice and assault terminator can charge (but count has a disoriented charge).

Archangels demi company (core)
1 termi captain
2 furioso dreadnoughts
5 units of terminators, vanguards or sternguards
Bonus: stubborn, reserve roll turn 1, reroll reserve roll, scatter D6 less and reroll warlord trait if main detachment.
Quite nice but that is a huge point sink..

10th company ambush force (auxiliary)
3-5 units or either scouts or biker scouts
Scout bikers must buy mines
Bonus: stealth long as you don’t move if you infiltrate.
Precision shots during the first turn.
Ok I guess

Stormraven squadron (auxiliary)
2-4 stormravens
At the beginning of your turn, once per battle, you can fire all your stormstrike missiles at a target and still fire in the following shooting phase

Lucifer armoured task force (auxiliary)
1 techmarine
3-5 units of baal predator or regular predators
1-3 units of land raiderd, or crusader, redeemer
Bonus: SCOUT, and boosted engines (FAST) free for every vehicle as well as for the land raiders !
YAY ! 12” scouting land raiders ! woooot

Death company strike force (Aux or core)
1 DC chaplain
3 DC squads
1-3 DC dread
Bonus: unknown

Rapid assault force (aux)
1-3 assault, bike, attack bike, speeders
Bonus: unknown

Fire support force (aux)
1-3 devastator, vindicator, whirlwind

Golden host (Command)
Sanguinor OR Dante
2-5 sanguinary guard
Bonus: unknown
Looks really nice with dante and only 2 units of sang guard. My guess is they get deep strike at least.

Leaders of the angelic host (command)
1 captain, termi captain, librarian, meph, sang priest, brother corbulo;
0-1 command squad;
0-1 stormraven

Chapter ancients (command)
3-5 dreadnoughts (librarian, regular or furioso)
Bonus: Once during the battle, at the beginning of your turn, you can fire as if you were in the shooting phase or pile in and fight in close combat, instead of moving during your movement phase.
Each dreadnought can perform a different action (fire, fight or move).

Death company relics
- 2+ armor with adamantium will and crusader – 6 meltabombs
- 2-handed power axe, Str of user, master crafted, armorbane – 6 meltabombs
- Counter attack stuff – 6 meltabombs
- Template pistol 4+ poisoned AP6 – 4 meltabombs
- Inferno pistol 12” master crafted – can’t see price
- DC chaplain only crozius: AP3 and reroll FNP rolls of 1 for every model that has the rule in his unit – 5 meltabombs => quite ok
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