Here are the details of this week's releases for the Genestealer Cults. Really I want to see the new vehicle in person, and the concern I have been hearing is that retailers are unsure they will be able to get enough of these.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Exciting stuff coming for preorders:

Warhammer 40k Battle mat: City Ruins
-made out of neoprene rubber with double stitched edges.
-printed design, doesnt need to be painted

Genestealer Cults: broodcoven
-contains a Patriarch, primus and a magus aswell as genestealer familiars

Genestealer Cults: Neophyte Hybrid Squad
-contains, 10 man Cadian Shock trooper 1 cadian heavy weapons team and a genestealer cults upgrade frame to upgrade them to neophyte hybrids.
-the upgrade frame contains 14 heads, cult icons, dagers and grenades aswell as 6 vehicle icons

Genestealer Cult Goliath/Goliath Rockgrinder
-the goliath is a transport vehicle
-the goliath rockgrinder is a moving battering ram with many weapon options

Genestaler Cults: iconward
-Single model

Also from Games Workshop's 40,000 Facebook page

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