The first offiical newsletter just launched. The new site is now live, and its very exciting, so head over and check it out. We also just updated the rules for racial design and the core rules.

This is our first official newsletter and contains new updates, contributing artists, and more. I am very excited about the level of engagement the community has shown so far, and with your help, this will prove to be the game that we have all wanted to play and be a part of. 

The Community
Please check out the new site, and explore its options. There are plenty of ways to engage and become involved, from simply creating new and exciting factions to explore the endless variations of the Species Creation, to actively playtesting to helping give direct feedback on the game.

The updated version of the rules was launched today which included much fine tuning, some points adjustments, etc. Here are most of the updates

To download the latest rules, you will need a product key which is generated for you just for receiving this newsletter. Simply go onto the new site, and download the latest version.
  1. Armor changes to remove defense bonuses. This altered armor traits as well, including removing a few types of armor. The primary types of armor is now, primitive armor, Light armor (common), and medium and heavy armors in the heavy category. 
  2. A rule that was missed during the last version update, granting a +1 martial to hit exhausted models.
  3. Racial Trait point cost for Dwarven and Goblynoid species variants were updated following playtesting
  4. Example Section 3.3 was added to the Humanoid Primarius. It was missing. 
  5. Increase abilities were given their opposition characteristics for Aberration traits
  6. Clarifications to movement bonuses applying only up to 3x movement
  7. Impossible Attacks was added in for additional testing. This makes very hard to hit target numbers possible, but still unlikely. 
  8. Several rules in both books were cleaned up based on questions. No rules changes just wording changed to make it clear. 
  9. Some additional editing. 

The Game
The Genesys Project is a game built around total customization, where you create your race from one of the Domains of Life; Humanoid, Reptilia, Fey, Insekt, and the Biests. 

Features found within the Genesys Project
  • Total Customization of your race, including unit classes, weapons, artifacts, and magic
  • Selecting traits brings with it a point cost and grants abilities. 
  • An evolving game that progresses your race forward through the three Ages of Genesys. 

  • 1st Age- Early Fantasy Type Setting
  • 2nd Age- Modern Plus Setting
  • 3rd Age- Futuristic Setting

As you play the game, rewards based successful missions add new and exciting abilities, artifacts and bonuses to your race and classes. Your race evolves through the three Ages of Genesys, from the early fantasy type setting, through to the modern age, and finally into a violent futuristic age. Your path is your own, and total customization is paramount. Designing your weapons, weapons of war, and vehicles are all integrated in the game. While advanced weapon technology might be your path, others may choose secret arcane powers seeking lichdom, become cybernetically integrated machines, or genetically enhanced super soldiers. 

Jia Hao
One last thing. Please check out the artwork of Jia Hao. He is now onboard as a contributing artist, and has some amazing work. He is a 3d digital sculptor and creature and character designer of serious talent. You can see his work on his own site, or even see his first introduction from yesterday on Faeit 212. 

The Art of Jia Hao

Faeit 212 Introduction

L. Jason Sparks
It's very important to acknowledge L. Jason Sparks of (Reverie Games). It's his skills in web design and marketing that has pushed beyond the limits of mortals to create the new site for The Genesys Project. Jason has been working hard to bring the vision of The Genesys Project to life. You will be seeing a lot more of Jason's contributions in the near future. Seriously....The new site looks amazing.

Again I want to thank you for your interest in this project. Feel free and encouraged to share your creations with everyone in the community. There is much more coming soon.

Thank you,
The Genesys Project

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