Small set of new pre-orders this week, however there is a lot of cool stuff in the near future that we have seen over the course of last night.

Yesterday, the Age of Sigmar Facebook page revealed that you can expand your Gorechosen game.... See the details below.

To pick up Gorechosen , just follow the link.

New From Games Workshop
Gorechosen £35

via Age of Sigmar Facebook
If you already have a Khorne Bloodbound army, then you'll find that rules for many of its characters are included in the Gorechosen box.

There are also two more included in this month's White Dwarf - legendary warriors capable of besting multiple other contestants, which is only fitting of the Blood God's favoured.

via Games Workshop
Glory to Khorne!
The Bloodbound – these are the lunatics who have passed the trials of Khorne, proving themselves worthy of his violent gifts. Since the dawn of the Age of Chaos, they have destroyed kingdoms and empires in a stunning tide of ferocity, reaping blood and skulls for their god. The most devoted, those who have trodden the bloodstained Path to Glory, are the Gorechosen. True glory for these elites of Chaos lies in offering the mightiest skulls to Khorne – and what skull mightier than that of another Gorechosen?

The Game

Gorechosen is a game of brutal, fast-paced arena combat for 2-4 players. In this game, four champions of Khorne are thrown into the pit, fighting bitterly against each other to prove who is the most worthy of the Blood God’s gifts! Fight every man for himself, or team up against the strongest player to decide who is the most favoured of Khorne – lots of variations and tweaks to the bloodthirsty core game rules are included.

The Contents

- 4 Gorechosen Champion miniatures, each with their own ultraviolent playing styles and signature moves:
- Redarg Bloodfane, Exalted Deathbringer;
- Kore Hammerskull, Skullgrinder;
- Heldrax Goretouched, Slaughterpriest;
- Vexnar the Reaper, Aspiring Deathbringer;
- a double-sided arena board with hex grid;
- 4 Fighter Reference cards, with rules and health trackers;
- 52 Action, Initiative and Critical Injury cards;
- 16 page rulebook, which includes rules for an additional four Gorechosen characters;
- assorted tokens and dice necessary to play.

Setting up and playing a game of Gorechosen should take around an hour – quick enough to please the Blood God.
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