Ever wanted your games to really matter for your army? Bragging rights aside, accomplishing your mission in most games simply allowed you to talk about your game from the side of the victor.

For those of you following the Genesys Project, you know that your games advance your race/ faction forward. From leveling squads, discovering new technologies, to new skills for your classes. The next updates coming to the Genesys Project will be expanding upon artifacts and items of power. These are gained from accomplishing the artifact mission, and allow you to create your own artifact or select items of power to increase your the effectiveness of the magic in your species.

Next week these rules will go out to playtesters, so it's time to sign up and get yourself involved. The updates will include...

  • Scrolls of Power (essentially granting you additional points in spell creation)
  • Additional Items of Power and attributes to add to Staves, Wands, and Relics.
  • New Artifact Attributes to take weapons and armor beyond the limitations otherwise attainable

Also being worked on are two additional Foci for Arcane Casters. These are scheduled to also be released to playtesters next week, assuming they pass through in-house testing tomorrow night.


The Genesys Project Wants Your Feedback
There are many ways to connect with the community for the Genesys Project, and quite literally there are communities springing up all over the world. We want your feedback, and as much of it as possible to help shape the game and it's future.

Build an Army: We need warlords to send us their armies. Reviewing new & unique Species, Units & the synergies they share on the battlefield is essential for us. Start creating your Army with fillable PDF Species & Unit Design Sheets.

Submit Feedback: Provide Feedback: Don't sit there with furrowed brows, let us know if something seems amiss. We are always looking for feedback about The Genesys Project. Whether it is clarifying rules, closing a loophole, or just a preference or suggestion - please, drop us a note on our feedback form. CLICK HERE to open our FEEDBACK FORM

Become a Playtester: We are also looking for more formal feedback in the form of official play-testers. Those chosen will recieve special insight & preview rules changes before their release while completing surveys that document their experience. If you are interested, send an email to: PlayTest@TheGenesysProject.com

Contribute: Are you an artist, writer, designer or developer? We would love to feature you as a contributor to The Genesys Project! Want to contribute? Send an email to: Community@TheGenesysProject.com

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