The Genesys Project beta test rules are out now. We have reset the version to v1.0 for both the Humanoid Primarius and the Core Rules. If you have not yet checked it out, the rules are fully available to make your race and take them to battle.

So far over 750 people have come to check out the site and download the rules.The first newsletters are about to start up, so if you want the latest insights to the game and its development, this is where you go for it.

What is going on now? 
A lot is happening, including a Facebook page launched, (which is still getting set up), along with the final site design getting ready to fully launch. The new site will have lots of features, including information on the other 4 domains, a Community Section, and much much more. We have started working with a few artists as well that will be contributing to the project.

Here is a sneak peak.

Of course these have windows pop up for a lot more information when clicked.....

Now for some insight for the 2nd Age! This is info that has only been used for in house testing.

 Missiles, lasers, reactive rounds, and more can be devastating to the to tanks and vehicles. These weapons were designed to take targets out with maximum armor penetration.

Heavy weapons are often over Strength 6 and are some of the more powerful weapons in the game. However, they are also very specialized at their job, and not for taking out individual infantry.

If a Heavy weapon over Strength 6 is fired at an individual model, the target receives a +2 bonus to it's Ranged Target Number (what is needed to hit with the weapon). So it is hard to snipe an individual with a huge laser cannon from out of a large group.

Now this bonus does not apply to huge or large targets. So that large Reptilia monster charging you from across the field that is larger than a car, can still be shot with these heavy hitting weapons without the penalty. My Depleted Uranium Reactive Rounds should do the trick.

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