Quite a bit here, and although it's translated information it gives some good insight to what is in the new book, and how it will change how Blood Angels are played.

Always take these with a little salt, until you get the book in hand.

via Master Avoghai on Boler and Chainsword

Pics in French

First the upgrades.
without any surprise, 
- Assault squad receive the same entry as vanilla : no JP, buy either the jumpack or the transport or leave them on foot. Evicerator available
- Devastator : same thing, they have acces to cherubin and grav cannon.
- vindi and WW can be fielded as squadron with the same bonus
- same thing for turbo boos bonus for speeders
- access to domain from the new disciplines
Then the news
First a DC chaplain
allow to reroll the roll to wound for him and its uni when charging except in a disorderd charge
Then the Baal 
Fieldable in squadron and may re roll 1 to W when played in squadrons of 3
I have no access to relics  except the TH from Kraen wich becomes available to any BA character
Then you have 2 detachment or rather "super formations" "gladius" ... whatever
The first is a standard one the second is more Death company
Gladius like detachment
- re roll of warlord trait
- l+1I when charging
- zealot if any squad come below 50%
… And... That's all ! No free transport if 2 half company are played... 
The formations
Core :
Demi Companie
As a vanilla one except you can swap the command squad for a furioso
Special rules Reroll of the warlord trait and +1I when charging and ... That's all !!!! NO OBJECTIVE SECURED And it's the same bonus as the whole formation... This is THE dark point IMO…
archangels demi companie
1 termi captain
2 furioso
4 units amongst termis assault termi vanguard sternguards
special rules :
Roll for reserve at Turn 1
Re roll scatter and roll only 1d6
Warlord trait re roll
HQ :
Leaders of the Angelic Host :
1 HQ
0-1 comman squad
0-1 Storm Raven
no special rules
Golden Host
Dante or Sanguinor
2-5 sanguinary guards units
Special rules :
No reserve roll you choose the turn they arrive and everybody arrive in DS
They can charge the turn they DS but count as disordered charge
Chapter ancients
3-5 units of
Dreads Furioso
Dreads Archi
special rules
1time per battle, you can choose to sacrify the movement phase of any dread to either make a free shoot or a free movement of contact and resolve CC A. You can then proceed normally to shoot or charge
Auxiliaries :
Archangels orbital intervention force
3 termi squads of any sort
Special rules :
MUST be kept in DS reserve
one single reserve roll
The termi may eithershoot twice (not necessarly at the same target) OR charge the turn they DS but this will count as disordered charge
10th company Ambush Force
3-5 units of scouts or scout bikes
Restrictions : bikes must have mines
Special rules :
As long as it doesn't move a unit gain +1 cover (shrouded?)
Precision shot first turn
Death Company Strike Force
1 DC chaplain
3 DC squads
0-3 DC dreads
Special rules
Models within 12" of the chaplain gain +1A
Lucifer Armoured strike force
3-5 units of preds or Baal 
1-3 units of LR of any sort
Special Rules
Overloaded engines free
Storm Raven Squadron
2-4 Storm Raven
Special Rules : One time per battle, during your movement phase, declare you target an enemy unit. All the SR within 72" of the target and with a LoS must shoo all their remaining stormstrike missiles on the target. This doesn't count toward the number of weapons usable and the SR may use their weapons during the shooting phase as normal.
Rapid Assault Force
1-3 units
Assault squads
bike squads
attack bike squads
speeder squadrons
Special Rules : none it's a "blank formation" usable only in the super detachment
Fire Support Force
1-3 units
Special rules : none it's a "blank formation" usable only in the super detachment
And then Death Company Gladius
Bonus :
Re roll traits
+1I when charging expect if disordered charge
After Deploying the unit, it may make a 6"move. This is NOT a scout move
Death Company Strike Force as described
Death Company Command
1-3 choices amongst Astorath, Lemartes or chapelain CdlM
Archangels Orbital Intervention force as described
10th company support as described
Lucifer Armoured squadron as described
Storm Raven squadron as described
Rapid Assault Force as descibed
My global impression is positive as GW seems to get rid of the OP formations with lots of free stuf (I suggest vanilla and DA to profit from those bonus as long as they can because I don't see them pass the v8)
The formations are clearly assault orientated but the good thing is that GW didn't stick only on the assault phase and gave nice shooting bonus like the twice shot of the termis or the additionnal shots of the dread.
My only BIG concern is the lack of OS on the semi company. I don't think the gladius bonus are worth this loss and I reaaly expect to see a CAD with OS squads beside angelic host or dread formations

Death Company Relics
– 2+ armor with adamantium will and crusader –
– 2-handed power axe, Str of user,AP2 master crafted, armorbane
– Counter attack stuff
– Template pistol 4+ poisoned AP6
– Inferno pistol 12” master crafted
– DC chaplain only crozius: AP3 and reroll FNP rolls of 1 for every model that has the rule in his unit

I've also seen that I haven't shared the warlords traits
1 one time per battle, you can chose to roll a die (can be any die : roll to hit, a save, a die of a LD test etc)
2 the character and the DC units within 12" have fleet when they charge
3 the warlord and its unit has rampage
4 the warlord gains fnp, if he alreaday has it add +1 to the fnp roll
5 the warlord gains rage
6 the warlord and all the DC units within 12" gains hatred (chaos deamons) and hatred (CSM)

Another odd thing
I have talked with the contact who sent me the pics : the assault squad and devastator seem to be the only updated entries of the supplement (the tank suqzdrons are just "grey boxes" like the CSM tanks).
It would mean that

-Tactical squads don't have acces to the grav cannon
-So dont' Sternguards
-Terminators keep their points values

This is surprising (particularly for the termis as I understand the fact that tactical go heavy flamers and deva go grav) but it has to be tempered unless we have the book handy

Just to clarify about the dreads formation
It gives you EITHER a free CC phase without reply DURING THE MOVEMENT PHASE OR a free shooting phase DURING THE MOVEMENT PHASE.
You have to announce you launch this special effect AT THE BEGINNING OF THE TURN
The dread perform this special action INSTEAD OF MOVING
This grant a free shooting or a free PILE IN + attack
The experssion PILE IN is used.
It's a expression exclusive to models that are already engaged
So following all this restrictions (declare at the beginning of the turn, instead of a move, pile in...) it's safe to say that you cannot pod a dread and perform the action during the same turn. It also means that you cannot use this special rule to engage a dread that was not engaged in CC yet

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