Shieldwolf has launched its next Kickstarter, War is Coming: Forest Goblins. This is one of those kickstarters that you can get into easily for $50 and get a good sized force of 52 Goblins. Great value, plus one of the leading miniature companies supporting the 9th Age.

104 backers
$10,158 pledged of $25,000 goal
14 days to go (Just Started Yesterday)

This is a miniatures-only project and has been created in order to co-fund the tooling of Forest Goblin troop miniatures, cavalry and other (larger) goodies in hard plastic (HIPS) as well as some miniatures of this army in  high quality polyurethane resin. This project starts by featuring a forest goblin infantry multi-part plastic kit (with additional weaponry choices as stretch goals get met). This unique worldwide fantasy army provides miniatures fitting for both skirmish and army gamers & collectors!

What does each box include?

Each Forest Goblins box will include enough parts to assemble 25 multi-part hard plastic miniatures allowing you a large variety of choices. As stretch goals pile up, more weapon options will become available on the sprues included in each box for both Gold and Silver pledge levels.
To add more variety you can also choose to enhance your greenskin army with Orcs!

Update Number 1
It is a joy seeing both previous and new backers joining this project! :-D
We are 1/3 of the way funded in our first 15 hours, and are looking forward to showing you all some really sweet stuff we have prepared!

Before we start I'd like to take the opportunity to tell you that your support means a lot to us and we are proud and honored that you have jumped aboard to bring this project to life; without your trust and hard-earned money this would never be possible as this plastic kit would never make it into production without your backing. The Forest Goblins are looking at you, eyes spread wide, smiling and all silent :-)

The Brutgoth is a concept we have had quite a few years now and is even mentioned in the fluff of our Mountain Orc plastic kit released back in early 2014. It is a very special miniature we wanted to make sure it got what it deserved.
For this reason the talented concept artist Geokon with whom we have worked before was commissioned along with Olivier Nkwetti, a renowned sculptor who has worked for a lot of known companies and was also in charge of our Battle Wyvern and Twin-headed Dragon.

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