First off I will admit completely underestimating the response for this project. Almost a 1000 people have shown interest in the game, and because of this I thought it was necessary to talk about How to Get Started in the Worlds of Genesys.

Get the Rules
The first part is easy, and that is getting the rules. The game is in beta testing rightnow and you can create your race from the Humanoid Primarius the way you want. The Humanoid book encompasses a lot, including Elven, Dwarven, Giant, Goblyn, Ork and more "type" races. These can even be combined, mixed and matched.

Build a Race
So get the rules, and build a race. Its fun, and you can download a racial build pdf to help get your race built. You simply build your race with traits that you select, these come with both a point cost and abilities for them.

These are linked here

Create your Unit Classes
Unit Classes are groups in your race that will have different skills and abilities. This creates a variety of unit types in your race that are not simply defined as being different because they have different equipment. Creating your race adds additional traits to classes.

You can download a Class Sheet here

By now you have created a very diverse set of classes within your race. It's time to visit the armory where you can create new advanced weapons and equipment, even designing your own spells and powers for your race and classes.

Playing the Game
Your done creating your race and now you want to get them to the tabletop. Of course you will need to the Core Rules.

The gold standard of playing your first game is 250pts. This is a good fast way to learn the mechanics of the game, and get your feet wet playing your new race. Of course proxying your models is the way to figure out the game, so do so before you decide the direction of your race.

A 250pt game will allow you to use an Elite warrior to lead your standard forces in single or in small squads for a fast paced game. This also makes it easy to jump right into a second game.

Here is a link to the beta site, where you can get started.

Current Buzz
New site looks like it may be live starting this coming weekend. This will have a few effects on how the Genesys files are distributed. Soon, anyone signed up will receive a product key on their newsletter to stay on top of the most current version. Of course the download is still free.

Even more fun, we are working on ways to post your racial build on the site. I look forward to this, because it really will show just how varied the single Humanoid book is.

The next update will be this weekend!

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