Its been busy the last few days, digging through rumors and bits to find the latest Genestealer Cult information. Now we have some rules as well for city ambushes, along with a link that shows a few more images, and hopefully something new (I think one of the leaked images shows some new pages from White Dwarf) at least to me.

Updated from dakka

Please give the city ambush rules a little salt on this. They are early, and mistakes are very possible on this.

More images via Mymearan on Dakka

via Tyranid607
City Ambush Rules
Cult ambush 
Instead of arriving from reserves normally, unit can roll the ambush table D6 
1/ your own table edge 
2/ roll d6 1-2 left 3-4 right 5-6 you choose 
3/ anywhere more 9" from enemy or 6" from enemy which have no los 
4/ 6" 
5/ 6" + bouns shooting or run 
6/ 3" + charge on the turn arrive 

Return the Shadows 
Instead of moving in movement phase, unit have this rule and not within 6" of enemy models can be removed from battlefield and placed into ongoing reserve. Unit can't use this rule arrive from reserve or ongoing reserve and can't do so when in vehicle 
Genestealer/aberrants/Metamorphs/neophyte/acolyte/ and all HQ 

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