The Golden D6 is a huge breath of fresh air in the tabletop miniature community. We have been talking about the magazine a lot lately, with it's hobby first mentality. Issue #6 was the tutorial issue that I personally really liked, and if you wanted to pick up any previous issues, now is a good time to do so.

Thank you Adam.
The Golden D6 is putting up an offer for the Faeit 212 community. If you liked issue #6, getting a hold previous issues #1-5 is now easier, as you can get them all for a 25% discount, making the cost $18.75 for the first 5 issues.

From Adam of the Golden D6
Assembly has begun on Issue Seven and it's coming together nicely.
Here is a coupon code! 25% off the Bundle deal for Faeit 212 readers.
Use the code: bundledup

The Great Golden D6 Bundle!
Collecting together the first five, ground breaking issues in one easy to digest bundle deal.

Here are some highlights.

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