Additional details, Warlord Traits, Broodmind, and more are here. Lots of details. This is looking like a very fun codex so far. Definitely making me consider what it would take to start a new army. After all I have some of the vehicles........

via /tg/ posts about the genecult book
(thanks to readers for collecting this and sending in)
primars power warp charge 1/ malediction single unit within 24" reduce WS/BS/I/A by 1 to a min of 1 
psychic stimulus warp charge 1/ blessing frdly unit not in combat gain relentless and fleet, can charge even ran in shooting phase 
psionic blast 1/ witchfire 24" S5 Ap3 Assult 1 Blast 
Might from beyond 1/ blessing a frdly unit 24" +1S and gain rage 
mental onslaught 2/ focussed witchfire 24" both Psyker and target model roll a dice + LDS, if drawn target model -3I until next turn. if Psyker is higher, target suffer wound equal to the difference and no armor and cover saves are allowed 
mind control 2/ focussed witchfire targets a single non-vehicle unit not lock in combat and makes shooting attack exactly as if it were one of your model 
telepathic summons 2 or 3/ choose 2 or 3, conjuration create a single unit , 2 = 5 Acolyte or 5 Metamorphs or 10 Neophyte, 3 = 10 Acolyte or 10 Metamorphs or 20 Neophyte or 4 aberants or 8 genestealer, these model can be equipped with ANY UPGRADES list on their data sheet 

Warlord trait 
1. Steath 
2. frdly unit of GSC have counter-attack with 12" of warlord 
3. Move through cover, warlord and his unit never suffer penalty to I for charging through difficult terrain 
4.It will not die 
5. all model in your warlords detachment can use his LD 
6.When using vult ambush with any unit he joined, do not roll on the ambush table, you can choose a result

rock cutter x2 2 melee, snip, th, unwieldy (snip: if suffer 1 or more unsaved wound, toughness test for each unsaved wound or die.)
rock drill x2 2 melee, th, unwieldy, pulverise (pulverise: didn't say, and I can't remember if that's the deathwatch hammer rule or a new rule)
rock saw x2 2 melee, abane, th, unwieldy

0-12" 8 3 heavy 2, resonance (resonance: A 6 to Wound or Pen is resolved at AP 1.)
12-24" 5 4 heavy 4, resonance

First curse
Patriarch and 20 genestealers
roll on a chart and get
2- harden carapace (4+ save)
3- Toxin Glands
4- Adrenal (they said rage not furious charge)
5- Feeder tendrils (preferred enemy)
6- users choice

2 units of neophytes, leman russ, 1-2 sentiniels
the neophytes need to bring chimera and be enbarked
they gain outflank and the sentinals have the cult ambush rule.

Also Purestrains confirmed for 5+ invuln save. Regular Genestealers +1 attack, with 5++ invulnerable dodge save, for 13ppm. Can take scything talons, not sure about any other options.

Patriarch gives everything within 12" Fearless, can take Biomancy and Telepathy on top of the new discipline
Iconward gives everything within 12" Furious Charge and FnP (6+) or ADDS +1 TO FnP IF THEY ALREADY HAVE IT, SEE BIOMANCY ABOVE

The relics aren't particularly good, there's one that gives the bearer one extra psychic power at the start of the game which is probably a must take but the rest are just like, kinda decent weapons.

(Lighter Goliath.) It's open-topped, can carry 10 models but no stealers or patriarch.

Decurion command benefits:
if patriarch is your warlord, reroll warlord traits

all-non vehicle units have infiltrate rule, those who had it have shrouded instead in the first round, add 1 to reserve rolls, your opponent substracts 1.

each time a unit arrives from ongoing reserves, you can return d6 models that were slain.
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