Here is some pricing from a reader with the White Dwarf in hand

thanks or sending this in. I did not have permission to use his name online name. Its nice to have a subscription to get your copy early!

via a reader on Faeit 212
I have my white dwarf so here's all the genestealer cult releases that are listed
Broodcoven are £37.50
Goliath is £35
Cult iconward is a £15 clampack
Hybrid guard squad e/ heavy weapon is £25
Hybrid guard with chimera is £35
Cult Leman Russ is £32.50 

Hope this is useful!

Praise the four armed emperor!

verified by lmn118 on Faeit 212

Yep cult iconward pre order 01/10 £15 (25 US)
Cult Neophyte Squad pre order 01/10 £25 (45 US)
Armoured Claw pre order 08/10 £35 (55 US)
Leman Russ pre order 08/10 £32.50 (55 US)

Not too bad the leman Russ you are getting the upgrade sprue for £1.50, the armoured claw you are saving £15 and getting the upgrade sprue free.

Also on the releases is the special edition leman Russ primarch novel, re-releases of baneblade and shadowsword novels.

New texture paints that use plastic microbeads, possibly one of the most environmental damaging waste products coming from peoples houses. But are available in two consistencies and bigger pots £4.55
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