More rumors about what will be coming around in 2012. Of course we have conflicting rumors, and this one starts off going a little against the grain, so I posted opposing rumors right afterwards. Here they are.

These are rumors, please add the normal salt.
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Ok, so I was talking with someone who has connections to one of the model designers, and this is what he told me:
1. The Eldar dex will be out right before the release of 6th edition. Phil Kelly is the writer, which is why he wasn't able to write up the Cron codex.

2. 6th Ed will be released in June or July of next year (2012) if everything goes to plan; its currently in playtesting right now.

3. The starter set might be the Fall of Damnos, but he said he wasn't completely sure it would be set there. It will include Space Marines, of course.

4. CSM will get one of the newest dexes in 6th, right after the Marine dex.\

5. Tau and BT will get a release soon after CSM; other races updated in 5th will not be updated in 6th as their rules (at least from Guard onwards) are allready suited for 6th. Ward will probably do the BT and might do Tau as well. DA will probably not be updated anytime soon, because its not a popular army and GW does not want to waste money updating one or more armies that almost no one plays with a separate dex.

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Most sources say that Tau are coming before 6th (Q1 2012), Chaos Legions will be the first 6th edition book, and the new edition is slated for the weekend of July 14th 2012.

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From Harry and other rumor sources, I'm far more inclined to believe that we will see BT in March/April, Tau in May, 6th in July, new starter (Chaos vs someone, Eldar?) in August/September, and one more codex in Oct/nov, likely Chaos Marines/Legions. Eldar after that.

I'm also more inclined to believe either Kelly or Cruddace did Black Templars and the other did Tau, and Ward will be doing CSM.

Odds are against Kelly doing Eldar, as he did not really want to redo it as he wrote the last one. If Ward does CSM, that leaves Cruddace open to do them.

CSM are likely to be the first dex of 6th, as there has been no real rumblings of a new marine book. With the supposed "Chaos focus" of 6th, having CSM/Legions get the first hardcover dex would fit. Then Eldar, with a history of fighting necrons and now mortal enemies of Chaos.


  1. Wait a minute, Phil Kelley wrote the crappy Codex Eldar AND the great Codex Dark Eldar?O_o That's insane. Does he hate craftworlders?

  2. The Eldar dex isn't too bad, it's just dated now. Back then, troop choices weren't as big of a deal. The game has simply changed since the codex release.

  3. I remember when the Codex was released... Right after the awesome 4th Edition Space Marine Codex with the rules to make your own chapter. It was a huge disappointment. The only positive thing about it was the introduction of the Autarch and even that was half-assed with his weapons limited to aspect warrior standard equipment.

  4. Please, please, please, do not let Cruddance do the Eldar codex! He already screwed up the Tyranids, do not let him scre up the Eldar as well! Let Matt Ward do it instead. Maybe there will be some power armour Eldar but at least the codex will work...

    Phil Kelly SHOULD be doing Eldar, after DE was done he said it in an interview that he wanted to do that.

    I think there is absolutely no chance to see Eldar, BT, CSM, Tau, AND 6th edition in the same year. If Tau is March, 6th ed in June, Chaos Legions in August, and Eldar in November, that is maybe beliveable. But 4 codex updates and a 6th edition with starter set - I think that is way too much. Usually there are 2-3 codex updates in a year...

  5. Swooping Hawks drop grenades, deep strike and shoot. Assuming they survive, they leap into the sky in the next turn and repeat.

    Warp spiders jump close to an enemy, shoot, then in the same turn jump 2D6 away.

    Drive a wave serpent close to enemy, then jump out your 10 Dire Avengers and launch 40 shots into enemy infantry. Or, use the same trick to have Fire Dragons melt tanks or Space Marines.

    Fire Prism, Avatar, Phoenix Lords and yes the Autarchs. Farseers and Warlocks can add their tricks and with the right combo, the enemy will suffer.

    I'm with Mr Hogan, the dex isn't too bad. Just dated. But I do at least understand your point of view Mjoellnir. I've not bought codex Dark Eldar, but have read about them what I can. Between the two I'd go for Dark Eldar based on cooler models and cooler rules.

    I hope you Eldar fans get aircraft, because Eldar are meant to rule the sky, and some cool abilites. I say that sincerely because I'd rather go Craftworld than Dark. Alaitoc to be specific.

  6. Although I'm not saying its not true, when I spoke to Phil at GD UK and told him he HAD to write Eldar after DE cos hes awesome (:P) he told me that he'd feel wierd doing it since the last book was his, and to change his own stuff would be strange.

  7. @ Mjoellnir - when the Eldar dex came out it was pretty competitive

    Yes DA are unpopular because they keep giving it to Jervis who keeps stuffing it up (I remember back in 3rd ed when Deathwing terminators were 52 points and didn't have an invulnerable save.......)

    If they gave us an awesome Op update like Wolves or GK they'd have lots of DA players, why do we always get the nerf bat

  8. As a DA player i find the statment ""DA will probably not be updated anytime soon, because its not a popular army"" a joke!! :D

    DAs have been around since RougTrader & are the only Marines that have had Building-kits released for their army... not just once but several if you count the cardboard + plastic kits from the 90tys :D Only IG and Orks have so far had terrain releases for their armys.

    The guy is a troll.
    Typical "hear-say" "friend at GW HQ" rumor

  9. thank for the rumors :]

  10. If Matt Ward is to write Eldar codex il quit the game forever ))).
    Hope he is not, cause i love 40k.But Eldar Ward is just blasphemy and heresy.

  11. @AZ

    Please, IF Matt Ward writes the codex and you see/hear lots of people ranting and raving about how he's ruined the Eldar blah blah blah!

    Please buy the Codex, read it from cover to cover. Think about the units, what they can do and how cool the miniatures are. Then decide.

  12. I already know how cool miniatures are...of for example my Incubi.On the shelf.
    With Matt Wards Iniative 6 PW Marines thats the only place for them.
    Splendid writer.Always balanced codexes.

    Fluff is shitty actually - he aint that good writer.Always fall to ispanian melodrama

    He did that, in response he did that...and Maria Fernanada separated hand from his shoulder so they always know shame , while Huan Lopes aggravated by such attrocity made new anatomic red power armor suits.With nipples.
    And the....etc...

    I aint read a single one of his codex where fluff get in some sort of compehensive structure, always boring narrative with appeal to 13 years old. He is sci-fi man with to little sci.

  13. I'm actually 28. Don't forget, sci-fi is short for science FICTION. It may suprise some people but there is no scientific basis for much of the 40K hobby.


    This is crazy! I'm sure Trekkies must have been outraged when the Borg got a queen. "Such a thing surely would never happen!"

    Answer: "such a thing has never happened. It's a story. Fiction."

  14. It sure is.I just dont like the direction of it going with such parts included more and more.

    Some times before 40k was a truly grim and scary setting.Universe with no good participants, a *unique* fiction.Read old Inquisition War.Dying universe.

    Now its theatre of different colors power-fist wielders with scenic makets for xeno races to be swinged at.No depth, no motivation, no nothing.
    I know its fiction but its becoming lot worse.

    And mr.Ward is perfect example of such thing.

  15. Phil Kelly? Cruddace? They were the rumoured authors. That's why I suggest waiting before concluding the Codex and army are ruined. But it seems most people have made their mind up:

    "All codexes are to be written by Matt Ward! Oh no! He will overpower them and ruin their story! Right I quit my army, fetch the bin! Screw you Games Workshop you've ruined my life!"

    Sorry for ranting but real life really puts silly things like this into perspective. Dear friend is ill. Guess that's Matt Wards fault too!

  16. I almost feel sorry for Matt Ward. Must suck for him to browse the internet, looking for feedback, and he gets all this hate. Granted, he messed up on chaos, but that's why they update codices.
    I finish with this- if Daemons don't get some love, ( white dwarf or a FAQ/errata buff would do!) I'm switching to 'nids or something.

  17. <3 Matt Ward.. Seriously

  18. The Necron codex is awesome, Ward wrote it and it's great I think. So maybe hating Mr. Ward is a feeling like hating Windows? :)

  19. I don't care for the fluff Ward wrote in GK(SoB being sacraficed? Really? Draigo is uber-mary sue-ish and where the hell is Justicar Alric?). However he did borrow from an actual novel for Necrons so he didn't really mess things up. As for rules? I think he does write the best rules


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