Neil Roberts does it again. This piece shows Sanguinius falling with a greater daemon sword in hand. Its a little Lord of the Ring's in concept, but he pulls it off with great artistic skill.

Hopefully I am locked into a hard game at the time this is posted. My perferred circle of very good players have all caught the plague this week, so I am off to attempt a pick up game on 40k night at a local shop.

via the Black Library
This is Neil Roberts’s latest Horus Heresy cover, for Fear to Tread, which will see James Swallow recounting the events of the Battle of Signus Prime, in which the Blood Angels face a horde of monstrous daemons, and their primarch, Sanguinius, meets his destiny, as pictured here.


  1. More amazing artwork!!

  2. I dont like it. They put to much focus on the background and not on the battlem

  3. natfka if u get a chance arrange a for the deathmarks rule discussion plz it would clear many things up
    thx mark

  4. The close up is great! I'm with Anonymous 3:52 AM, would have been better to put more focus on the combat. Or at least fill the other 2-3rds of the picture with battling Blood Angels and Daemons.

  5. Mark, I will be getting to every units in the Necron codex. I have started most of them. I will see about getting Deathmarks moved up on my list.

  6. @Swede

    It is that Bloodthirster, Ka'Banda, who crippled the legs of Sanguinius and made the primarch watch as he hacked through loads of his angels. I believe, could be wrong, that Ka'Banda cursed them and started the process, that Horus finished, of the Black Rage.

    That could be the 'destiny' referred to. If anyone knows better, do tell.

  7. Izaak Von StrizenozovicNovember 18, 2011 at 12:04 PM

    Greetings Terrible T
    Visited Lexicanum: 'Ka'Bandha is a Bloodthirster of Khorne and is described as the mightiest of Khorne's servants. Responsible for breaking Sanguinius' legs during the battle for Signus Prime, it may also have been responsible for the Black Rage afflicting the Blood Angels and their Successor Chapters to this day.'

  8. It would be nice if that was actually Sanguinius. . .

  9. Horus Rising: His long black hair was pressed down by the weight of the shawl of gold chain he wore across his head. The edges of it framed his solemn features. He had marked his cheeks with grey ash in mourning.


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