The Black Templar even though claimed to be coming soon, I have never believed. I mean really?, where are the rumors? Well there are a couple here, but really we know more about Chaos Legions which is much farther out, and even Tau than we do about what the supposed next codex Black Templar.

 Here is a compilation with some new rumors behind it.

Remember that these are rumors and to take with salt.

via ghost21
Ghost has said that BT are due out before Tau, presumably the next codex.
kits for sword brethren n nophytes(sp) as ive said im more of a xenos guy but ill provide what i know, vows are less restrictive

i also saw things for something called knights of the inner circle (or something along those lines).. they were named each came from a successor chapter, n the guy who lead them was a bt... it was interesting but as usual salt applies

Not as big! But more bizarre! (unless you play fantasy...). That's most of what I know about it. Speculating from that - big buffing thing with a howdah ?!

A bit more for now - in regards to the 'neophytes' (if they continue with that name), I heard they were finecast. Whilst it would leave room for another plastic kit, I hope this isn't true.

Dark Angels are not at all on my radar, doesn't mean they aren't happening anytime soon, but I haven't heard a thing, if ghost's heard anything it is likely to do with black templars.

"Phill kelly is going to write the Bt codex, so that should be great oh and new units added for bt as well.

via Jared van Kell
 - Phil Kelly is writing the Codex.

- More emphasis on the horde aspect of the army with lots of large units of Initiates and Neophytes.

- Emperors Champion is more in line with the company champion of the Grey Knights but is still 2 wounds. Gains preferred enemy against independent characters and monstrous creatures.

Some additional bits.
- I forgot to mention the Rightous Zeal rule could be changing to be more along the lines of the Rage USR. Something along the lines of if they fail a Ld test then they are subject to Rage and must advance towards the nearest enemy unit. As yet the details are sketchy.

- All the current special characters (ie: Helbrect and Grimaldius) will remain. Also I had heard of an mention of a special character who is like the greatest of all of the Emperor's Champions and the greatest warrior in the Black Templars. I had heard mention of a bike mounted special character with a lance like weapon but I cannot confirm this yet. "

via Harry

I certainly heard about these guys before heard much about Tau .... the order I hear about them was Necrons and Sisters at the same time, Black Templars then Tau.

Not sure what the story is with Sisters but they must be in the mix somewhere.


  1. looks like Ghost21 can´t make his mind up? ^.-

    maybe he should just typ one rumor about all the stuff he "know" instead of rumors all over

  2. Not sure I believe finecast initiates, they're supposed to be the Templar scouts after all.

    When I saw brotherhood champion in Codex Grey Knights I thought the rules would be good for emperors champion. Good IF that rumour is true.

    With all the 'whose next' rumours I think I'll have enough salt to put me into a coma.

  3. well I would think fine cast initiates would be dumb and unlikely, but..... we do have finecast flayed ones so I wouldn't put it past GW.

  4. Izaak Von StrizenozovicNovember 17, 2011 at 1:04 PM

    Greetings all.

    All the rumours sound good. Eager to see how these armies get updated. I've been reading the Tau and Legion rumours too. Templar plastic kits? I'd like to see Templar Terminators and Initiates like the Space Wolves boxes. Like the Space Wolf box, maybe Initiate box will have parts for Neophytes.

  5. Phil Kelly? So they will be rather overpowered then.

  6. the only one thing that i realy hate in this hobby is - waiting...

  7. So exactly which author doesn't write overpowered codexes? They can't all be overpowered.

  8. i would say the imperial guard codex is fairly balanced

  9. I think most people would strongly disagree about Imperial Guard. Although, Necrons may make Hydras less useful.

  10. Phill Kelly= Great and balanced army

  11. I´ll use the time to paint even more Templars to be ready for gaming once the codex hits the shelves...

    Looking so much forward to it!

  12. Kelly understand that codexes need a disadvantage, not all advantages. DE are AV 10 and T3, eldar are have very expensive AV12 vehicles, lack long range affordable AT shooting, and are also T3, though they are even more specialized than DE.
    I believe he also did the old nid codex that took all the best parts of fluff and threw it together in a great codex that was replaced by the crap 5th nid codex.


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