A second wave of models is something that we often very much worry about when we get a new codex. Everyone remembers Tyranids and Space Wolves. So when we get any information on when a second wave is coming, a little excitement or a breath of relief is guaranteed by Necron players the world over.

Today's rumor does not give us specifics, but mentions the types of units that will be coming in the next release for Necrons.

As always please take with a grain of salt, and note that this rumor is about a week old as I post it. (sorry guys I missed it)

via 75hastings69
Couldn't see this on the thread (although I didn't go through every page!) early next year youll be getting a second wave of necrons - entries in the codex not covered by this release, 4 vehicles, a walker and 2 aircraft, also new tomb spiders IIRC.

Here is a link to pics from the codex on unreleased models.


  1. Obviously the walker is the triarch stalker. The pictures in the codex suggest that the aircraft may actually be one box. As for the vehicles, there are the tomb blades and wraiths which are not exactly vehicles but someone not aquainted with the codex may think they are. As for the other two vehicles? New destroyer/heavy destroyer kit and new monolith?

    Or did they mean 4 vehicles: 2 aircraft, walker and spyder?

    I think the remaining characters are 'rumoured' to be in the 2nd wave. Again 'rumoured' to be.

  2. Judging by the illustrations, the Tomb Spyders and Canoptek Wraiths may be a single multiple kit, both the doom and Night Scythes certainly are.

  3. True they do look alike, but their entries in the codex make them seem as though they would be seperate. Spyders are T6 monstrous creatures while wraiths are T4 jump infantry. Personally, I'd like to see a box of three plastic wraiths and a box of one suitably big spyder, with a scarab base or two thrown in for good measure.

    Either way I can't wait for the wraiths, S6 rending attacks and a whip coil to reduce even the mightiest space marine to I1. 3+ Invulnerable saves and they can come in units of 6.

  4. Good to hear, can't wait to see how they turn out. On another note, looks like the first errata has arrive on the GW Spain site:


    Interesting stuff about the Monolith, Ghost Ark & Death Ray!

  5. So does that mean the Monolith can pull units out of CC again?! Damn that makes it super sweet again =)

  6. Sorry to disappoint you. I've the codex right here:

    "Dimensional corridor: At the start of the movement phase, choose one friendly unengaged non-vehicle Necron unit on the battlefield or in reserve.........."

    No escaping the close combat. Must be unengaged.


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