There was a lot of grief about Necron Warriors that mostly stemmed from them losing their 3+ save and of course the we'll be back roll, which is now reanimation protocols at a 5+. So over all what happened to warriors and how can we use them?

First off Warriors maintain a very solid stat line, with their 4+ armour save.  The unit itself is 5 models for a humble 65pts and can go up to 15 additional warriors for 13pts each. The Gauss Flayer that they come with is a very standard issue weapon S4 AP5 rapid fire, gauss weapon. The unit itself  does not offer any options, and is very boring to look at. I can see many people moving straight past them to Immortals for their troop choices.

So why do I like warriors? Well unlike most codexes, this unit is all about what you add to them. Their specialty does not come from a weapon upgrade, or other unit options. The first of these options are in its dedicated transports. It gets an option of two, The Night Sythe which can carry up to 15 warriors, or the Ghost Ark, which is Necron Warrior exclusive.

The Night Sythe is nice as it is a fast skimmer with a decent gun S7 AP-  Assault 4 Tesla, Arc. This transport can be taken with almost any other unit, so I wont go into any other details with the Night Sythe.

The Ghost Ark is where it is at. This is what makes your Warriors exceed we'll be back.

Repair Barge: At the start of each Necron Movement phase (this gets crazy on Necron vs Necron), you can nominate a Warrior squad within 6" or embarked to receive d3 models that can act and move normally this turn. This happens on a die roll of a 2+. If you roll a 1, the unit still receives its models, however it suffers a glancing hit.

So imagine this; 5 Ghost arks, 3 in front facing the enemy with a 6" gap between them. The other two are placed in between the 6" gap and slightly behind so that they interlock somewhat. A deployed unit of Warriors will never be outside of at least 2-3 ghost arks. Combined with reanimation protocols, massive regeneration is what you get until the ghost arks are destroyed. At the start of the game with 5 ghost arks, you are looking at an average of 10 warriors a round (game play you will have to be tactical to get all of these in).

The ghost ark comes with Quantum Shielding, meaning until it receives a penetrating hit, it will have an armour value of 13 on its front and side facings. The vehicle also comes with living metal, so ignores quite a few shaken and stunned results.

No necron force worth its weight loading up like this does not have Night Fight rules in play at least for a few rounds. So your AV13 transports, can move forward under darkness, and regenerate losses like a madman.

The Royal Court: This is where your Necron forces become specialized with a little extra in them. There are no weapon upgrades in the Warrior unit, but attaching your Necron Lord or Cryptek from the royal court is how your units get their flare. The Nice thing is warrior units do not require any certain numbers to get a special weapon. No for every 5 models, or 10 models, so list building is easy. There is no penalty in weapon acquisition for taking 9 warriors. (dark eldar players should be jealous here).

Only 1 member of the royal court can join a unit, and although you gain nothing in leadership, you gain a flexibility with the unit. I will get into specific Crypteks and Necron Lord concepts later. So this means that as it stands now, you can get two Crypteks/ Lords into a single unit. This may end up nerfed by FAQ. We shall see.
The first and most important one to look at, is the Cryptek upgraded to a Harbringer of Destruction, and receiving an eldritch lance. 25pts for the cryptek +10 for the weapon which is a S8 Ap2 36" assault 1. (somehow the Eldritch Lance is not a lance weapon). This gives your warrior unit a strong hitting high strength weapon.

Your Harbringer of Destruction should definitely include a solar pulse. You will only be able to get two of them in your army, but being able to activate them at the beginning of any turn (even your opponents) to bring night fighting rules into play for the turn is quite strong. (it also works in reverse if night fighting rules are in effect).

A lord with a Res Orb, change that 5+ reanimation to a 4+. So there are all sorts of options for your Warriors. This one is not my favorite, unless the unit is 15+ strong, but it is the multiple number of options that matter with lords and crypteks.

With Necron Lords and Crypteks being added to your warrior squads, their roles become flexible. With Ghost Arks, your units become very resilient. I am sure someone out there will be doing the mathhammer, but with reanimation protocols every phase and Ghost Arks Repair Barge ability, I am liking the standard Necron Warrior unit as it advances across the tabletop under the cover of darkness.


  1. Thank you for that. I wasn't sold on the ghost barge mostly because it only transports 10 models but now I may reconsider. Question people, I don't have the codex to hand, does the D3 models you receive exceed the units starting strength?

    Example: your 10 warriors become 11-13. If you have a squad of 20 warriors, could they potentially, if not realisticly, increase in size?

  2. can the ghost ark increase the number of warriors in a squad above the orignal number that were purchased?

  3. No, you cannot exceed the Units starting size.

  4. Thanx for clearing that up. You've still convinced me on the ghost ark being worthy of consideration.

  5. what if i have 2 royal courts....can then 2 models join a squad? one from each court?

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  7. the codex, please purchase the codex if you download this as I have. we need to keep local game places alive with the sales, that said it is nice to have a computer viewable version!

  8. As it stands now Warlord22, yes you can put two cryptek/Lords into a single unit. They have to be from different royal courts.

    Be aware, that there is a chance of an FAQ nerf on this. As it stands though, it is legal.

  9. One thing to note with the res orb,
    it costs another 30 points on top of the lord, which is the same amount you'd save with 14 reanimation protocols. that doesn't include the cost of the lord, though, but having a strength 5 model with an ap 2 weapon can only be good.
    the math
    (30 for the res orb)/((13 for one warrior)/6 for the chance that the res orb will save one))

  10. I don't really think, they are going to nerf the 2 court-2 cryptek per unit rules. You have to bring two overlords to unlock the 2 courts, which seems fair enough to me.

    Btw, I agree with Anon 2:24 PM above, res. orb lord is not mandatory for warrior units. You will get your 65 pts back with ~4,75 successful RP. As the standard RP is 5+, you will pay this price only for the fours, which are assumed to be happen once in every six rolls. So you would need an average of 28 re-rolls to make it worth - not counting the lord itself.

  11. can ghost arc repair immortals
    or are they not counted?

  12. Anon 8:32, RAW (Rules as Written) says "Nominate a unit of Necron Warriors...". It appears Immortals are not included.

  13. thanks
    sruggling over whether to take crypteks r lords


  14. Imho Immortals should be shooting from the Ghost Ark and warriors moving in front of it. This way both units gets a serious boost from the ark.
    But the possibility to do an alpha strike by deploying all your deep striking units in the same turn (even if it's enemy's one) is really something (see the reserve ability of Nemesor Zandrekh). just think to 3 Doom Scythes deep striking on the board and firing with everything in the rear of an IG mechanized contingent... Or 60 flayed ones appearing (possibly without scattering) in 6" of the enemy, moving near it in order to prevent use of big areas. The possibilities are incredible... but also very risky. Spending too much in the royal court is the biggest risk a Necron army has, so I'd drop the crypteks and lords, and possibly even the second HQ (even if Zandrekh+Imotekh can cause some serious pain and havoc on the board by using flayed ones).

  15. i would consider taking transmorphication crypteks if using writhing world scape.
    also storm crypteks in immortal units.
    personally, i dont take harbringers of despair because enemys worth using an AP1 template on will be likely to have a high leadership.
    harbringers of destruction are good in lychgaurd as they can help get rid of armourd threats
    harbringers of eternity are cool in deathmark squads as they can reroll one dice evry phase(including saves)when they have a chronometreon.
    i think that lords are only worth taking in the acual royal court.



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