This December we have a number of releases that are coming out for Warhammer Fantasy. New Beastmen as the expansion supplement Blood on the Badlands. The Blood on the Badlands includes a siege expansion, and rules for underground battles... very cool.

Also up for pre-order and being released December 3rd  is the Orc and Goblin Mangler Squig, a skaven and high elf box army, and finally a piece of terrain,  Skullvane Manse, Lair of the Astromancer.

The terrain is a very cool cinematic piece of terrain, I might just have to pick that one up.

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Games Workshop- Pre-Orders

Blood in the Badlands is a 96-page full-colour hardback Warhammer Supplement with rules that can be used in any Warhammer game, with massive multi-player scenarios featuring new magic items and spells, rules for underground battles and a complete siege expansion. It's a must-have book for any Warhammer player so make sure you advance order yours today.

The feral Beastmen receive reinforcements this winter in the form of the massive Ghorgon and Cygor, the brutal Doombull now available in Citadel Finecast and the terrifyingly ugly Jabberslythe. Not only is this great news for Beastmen collectors, but the monsters can also be bound to your Warhammer army Storm of Magic battles. So if you're someone who gets excited about powerful ranged support, or causing Terror in your foes, or a statline that includes Strength, Toughness, Wounds and Attacks values of 6 (and you don't mind a few skulls or a bit of slime) then add these monstrosities to your armies now!

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