This evenings rumors are a set of rumors that come directly from Phil Kelly..... sort of. Lets take a look.

The primary thing in this rumor that is new, is the FOC flexibility. Definetly something I like. If this could be done once, it would add a ton of flexibility to our army lists. I love the idea as it changes what I would be able to field on the table top and if it was confirmed, I would already be buying new models for it.

Before we get carried away though, these rumors have some problems. I see a ton of rumors, and normally when the author of a rumor gets into conversations like this (posted at the bottom of the rumors) the rumors themselves become highly suspect.

Its important to know where a rumor comes from, otherwise you are just talking out of your butt.

Please take the following rumors with a serious (and possible life threatening) amount of salt. Although please add these FOC options to my wishlist for 6th edition.

via The Man They Call Jayne
After my time away (what do you mean you didnt notice? ) with friends. I have heard a few rumours for the GW high up through a mate. His source is GWs own Phil Kelly, who has just started work on the Tau Codex.

1) 6th ed boxset is set to be Eldar Vs CSMs, as they will be the among the first 6th ed codexes.

2) Eldar will be first, then Tau or CSMs

3) Force org in 6th is undergoing a fairly interesting change. Slots will be as they are, but you can sacrifice 2 FOC slots to gain an extra one somewhere else. you can drop 2 fasts and get an extra heavy. Or a heavy and a fast and get an elite. Only thing you cant get is extra HQs i think.

Personally i read it as only being doable once. so you can only gain 1 extra anything, not abandon your entire army for a huge vendetta wing.

Dark Angels are coming up as are templars, but info is much much more hazy on them.
CSMs are going to be 2 books. Legions and Renegades. Which will be nice and fun

4) A new "Insectoid" Tau Aux race. Thats all I know on that bit though. Not niccasar it would seem.
Forgeworld stuff is moving across too. TX-42 and Hazard. Maybe even the Remora

Jonagon The Man They Call Jayne (referring to the source he got the info from)
His source is GWs own Phil Kelly, who has just started work on the Tau Codex.

Really? Phil Kelly told you this? I can't believe he'd be stupid enough to tell you, given that you've used his name with it. Pretty sure GW would literally fire him.

Jonagon The Man They Call Jayne Eldar next seems pretty solid though. He didn't tell me, he mentioned it to a friend of his who happens to now be dating the friend i went to see over the weeks, and he passed on these tidbits to me.

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