The latest for the upcoming 6th edition says that codices as far back as tyranids had a good understanding of what 6th edition rules were going to be. Does that mean that tyranids will be seeing a slight boost in the new rules? Lets check out the latest talk on 6th edition.

Please remember that these are rumors, and salt is always required.

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comment by Eldoriath

I think ghost said that BT had been lying around ready for 8 months.

In fact some of them have been done even longer than that.
comment by Eldoriath

Okay, That is almost mean to drop without hinting more

Makes me wonder though. From ghosts rumouring it seems like Tau could be one of those. But if they have, let's say, 3-4 codices lying around ready now, does that mean that they only will need a bit if tweaking for 6th ed, and how long 6th has been ready.

A new edition of the rules is a long time in the writing.

All the Games dev's will be well aware of how it is shaping up.

A number of codices will have been written alongside its development and whether they are released just before 6th or just after they will be 6th edition through and through.

comment by N.I.B.
Is it true that Tyranids were written with 6th ed in mind? It sounds ludicrous, but that's the rumour.

Why ludicrous?

They have been trying to write army books and codices robust enough to survive a rules change for a long time now ... years!

It would be tight call. They would have started writing both of these about the same time BUT the Tyranid codex would have had the flesh on the bones before much beyond the bare bones were in place for 6th

6th edition will have been in development for approx 3 years when it hits the shelves. Tyranids would have been in development for approx two so they will have overlapped and been written side by side for a little while. Hell, the guys writing them will have been sitting side by side. The studio is not that big a place and the games developers are not that big a group of people they don't know what is going on with each others projects.

To me it is ludicrous to imagine that any book in the last 3 years was NOT written with 6th edition in mind. At the very least I think it will have been written with a foot in both camps.

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