Just as quickly as something is taken away, here comes rumors of its return. To be honest, I think this would be a very solid idea on the part of Games Workshop. Allied forces have been around since time began in this hobby, and removing it was a rather sudden shift in the game.

Besides what a better way to sell more models from a marketing standpoint if allied forces were allowed in some way. Lets get right to this Sunday morning rumor......

Please take this with a lot of salt please. This rumor is in its very early stages, and may be just ideas thrown out in a brainstorming session, or might actually have merits beyond. Either way it would still be some time away before we see something like this.

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An interesting update from my rumour source, apparently there will be allied forces for Space Marines and GK. They will be allied to the other marines to help with the allied rule.

Anyone know anything on this "allied" rule? This is the first I heard of it.

Hmmm interesting and take with salt as always.

via RandomThoughts (this is commentary on the subject)
It would actually make sense from a business perspective for GW. Entry cost / initial monetary investment in a new army has become so high, it actively deters people from doing it. Allowing armies to take small detachments from allied forces would make for a great gateway drug - a box or two won't hurt that much if you can play them instantly with your main force, and once you get a few of those ready, it's not that much further until you have an additional playable army.

I know it would work on me - new Necrons, no thanks, not if the same money that gives me a 500 points segment will get my a fully independant playable army in a certain other tabletop system, but seriously, a few Necrons to ally with my main army, I'd be tempted. I might also finally finish my half done Raven Guard and Imperial Fist squads...

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ive heard this allied n contingent thing is a way of expanding the respective universes without a codex for each were as most rumor mongers hear things in mid to late development , i tend to hear things earlier, n then lack anything after the initial. so things can surprise me and often do... put it this way... i have seen really strange concepts that would be laughed at so.. i wont mention those

hope that clarifies things

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