Every codex has something unique to it, at least most do. For Dark Eldar we saw that they really had the opportunity to take advantage of the movement phase as a time to do damage to the opponent.  Necrons have some of their own unique opportunities for the crafty Necron player to take advantage of.

We will start off with Orikan The Diviner, Ctan, and Crypteks with overlapping powers to turn the tabletop into a battlefield of nightmarish proportions for your opponent.

Orikan the Diviner and Temporal Snares
This is one of the most interesting rules, and it can have a very dramatic effect on the game.

Temporal Snares
During the first game turn, all enemy units that move count as moving through difficult terrain. If they are actually moving through difficult terrain, then the unit can move the lowest of the d6 result of their difficult terrain test, rather than the highest.

Lets look at this from a Dawn of War type mission. We all know from the GW FAQs that if a unit cannot get onto the board, it is destroyed.

(pg 57 BRB )A result of a 1 means that the vehicle halts immediately and suffers an immobilization result, so if it was attempting to enter difficult terrain it stops just outside.

The result is that any vehicle attempting has a 1 in 6 chance of not only not making it onto the board, but of being destroyed and removed from play. For transports, say goodbye to whatever was inside.

The same could be said for large base models that roll bad on their movement dice to get onto the board.

Over-all not a bad ability and one way to take down large numbers of MSU Razorback spam lists. Get out those Dozer blades.

C'tan and Writhing Worldscape
Writhing Worldscape
Whilst the C'tan Shard is on the battlefield, all difficult terrain is also dangerous for the enemy. If the terrain is already dangerous, the dangerous terrain test is failed on a 1 or 2.

This is able to be combined with the Crypteks abilities (Tremorstave) below.

Please note that Temporal Snares above do not actually change the terrain into difficult, they just count as moving through it. So writhing worldscape does not stack with temporal snares.

Crypteks: Harbringers of Transmorgrification
Seismic Crucible
At the start of the enemy Assault Phase, roll a D3 and nominate an enemy unit. If the nominated enemy unit attempts to assault the Cryptek, or his unit, reduce their assault move by the result of the D3 for that phase. 

Knowing that we can get multiple Crypteks into a single unit with the seismic crucible makes it extremely hard to be assaulted. A huge boon for large warrior squads.

Just for naysayers, this is not a USR and should stack, unless faq'd.

Its a ranged blast weapon 36" that comes with "Quake"
All enemy units hit by a weapon with the Quake type treat open ground as difficult terrain during their next movement phase.

Not only can you slow down enemy units with both Seismic Crucible and a Tremorstave hit, but the presence of a C'tan on the table makes all difficult terrain dangerous.

Combine all this with other table top effects, like Night fighting, and the battlefield truly does become a terrifying place when facing the Necrons. FAQ possiblilities run high on some of these rules, hopefully that won't take too long.


  1. I have heard quite a few people saying that Orikan's and the C'tan's abilities stack, not understanding the difference is all in the wording, "counts as" not being the same as actual terrain. Expect plenty of 'Cron players to be making this mistake.

  2. "Knowing that we can get multiple Crypteks into a single unit with the seismic crucible makes it extremely hard to be assaulted. A huge boon for large warrior squads."

    you can only have one Cryptek join each squad... it can never stack due to it being just used if the crypteks unit gets assaulted, not for near by units

  3. Tremorstave is good... but most of the time melee units will be in transports so you can´t use it on them... foot armys don´t exist anymore... so the use is limited...
    vs vehicles the chance is to low to actually do dmg + youre whole unit will have to shoot at the same target :/

    only good on paper IMO

  4. idk about orikan.... seams good but the model is expensiv... and DOW is only 1/3 chance
    if i would play vs him i would just reserv everything in DOW and in the other missions just not move 1st turn... power will be completly wasted
    and his other power is just too random

    Immothek and The Travller guy are the best ICs... the others are kinda mehh

  5. "you can only have one Cryptek join each squad... it can never stack due to it being just used if the crypteks unit gets assaulted, not for near by units"

    Take two Royal Courts, one for each Overlord.

  6. Writhing Worldscape does stack with Orikan against vehicles. Vehicles moving through difficult terrain always take a dangerous check and thus will fail on a 1 or a 2. Super awesome! There is also no way to have more than 2 seismic crucibles in an army. Othe rthan that I will say I already included all of these units into my army.

  7. Bottom of page 90. Each of the Harbingers unique wargear options can only chosen once in each Royal Court.

    You can take two Royal Courts.

    Orikans ability counts as difficult terrain, but does not change the terrain type. as per codex.

  8. People are getting their Knickers in a twist over Orikan on Dawn of War. Not sure why, because if you see him on the table against you state your men are walking onto the table next to the transport. Move the transport on first if it survives then your men can jump in it at the end of their move. If you dont change your tactics for your enemy you deserve to lose for not adapting. A simple change that will prevent a lot of issues.

  9. @Kraggi: That prevents you from losing your regular infantry. Looking at your post, you don't seem to see the effects it has on your whole army - you just look at transports and the models inside. Your proposition does not prevent you from
    - having a about 1/9 chance of losing a cybot (3" base) and about 1/200 of losing your MCs
    - having a 1/36 chance of losing a whole unit of terminators/every other model with a base bigger than 1"
    - having a 1/6 (or 1/36 with dozerblades) of not only losing your transports (which exposes the models inside and - if they are cc-oriented takes them out of the game since they now have to cross the board on foot through difficult terrain) but also your predators, land raiders etc.

    GK with 3 Cybots have no way of safely deploying their Cybots. You have a (small) chance of losing your terminators, no matter if they drive onto the table in their land raider, walk onto the table or deep strike into terrain.

    Or look at Blood Angels DoA-lists (or, thanks to invul-saves to a lesser extend at Chaos Demons). What are you gonna do with them? You have to DS into terrain and will lose 1/6 of those models just by deploying them.

    Necrons basically force every Marine/IG-army to buy dozer blades (easily 50 points for some lists that don't shoot at you any more). Combined with the probably need to buy hellhounds to counter swarms, your shooty IG just lost a significant amount of long distance fire.

    As you can see, and even it is just dawn of war, the moment your opponent sees that mission is played in a tournament, you start messing with his mind, his list before the first game, his deployment and every move till the C'Tan is dropped.

    As you can see, I see a lot of effects that this may have, other than just walking your men in on foot and embarking after that...


  10. @ Natfka
    well... it talks about the model becomeing the Leader of that squad... so i would not be surprised if it gets FAQed so that you can only have 1 model join each squad,even with 2 Royal Courts
    IMO the FAQ is much needed for the cron dex

  11. um, rolling that many ones is not really likely, and if you consider the fact that this only happens in dawn of war deployment, and is only a real threat if your opponent also has a c'tan shard, I don't really see it killing all that much. To be honest there is really nothing OP in the cron dex spase maybe solar flare, since your probably gonna have a harbinger of destruction or 2 in your army anyway. any other decent effect in the dex either has very poor ap, or costs more points than it is actually worth.

  12. @Reload: I didn't say that you will actually lose much and - in a tournament - perhaps you are not playing against CTan-Necrons in Dawn of War. And I agree, it's not OP, because such a list is lacking in other aspects.

    But it is a list that you have to plan for if you're going to a tournament. You will not skip your 3-4 Dreads in a GK list. But you have to think about buying dozer blades. CC lists will have to think about how to deliver their CC threats when they can immobilize their own rides every turn regardless of the mission and can't get cover for their foot-cc-units because they can't move into terrain.

    Combined with the threat of huge scarabs-packs, you might also want to take some blasts/templates with you so the Necrons should have an effect on most of the lists out there.


  13. "The result is that any vehicle attempting has a 1 in 6 chance of not only not making it onto the board, but of being destroyed and removed from play."

    What is he talking about???

  14. @Anon:
    All terrain counts as difficult in the first turn. Vehicles that want to move into/through terrain must take a test and are immobilized on a "1". So in Dawn of War-Missions, when you drive onto the table in Turn 1, you are moving into terrain and have to test. If you immobilize yourself outside the table, the unit is destroyed.

    Same problem for Cybots, MCs, Terminators and everything else with a base bigger than 1".


  15. Thanks Lucius I appreciate your post. Wow, this is crazy. They have to FAQ that.

  16. MCs roll 3 dice (move through cover rule)
    its unlikely to roll 3 or 2 1´s
    most unit´s base size is 25mm


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