This is one of my favorite pics. It was a random pic from a huge collection (700+) of warhammer artwork I was sent many months ago. I wish I could find out the artist or where this one comes from. Any ideas?

Pics of the Week happen every Tuesday where I share from my Warhammer pic library. I collect these all the time from all over, and sharing them is just fun.


  1. Concerning the first peice: While I don't know remember the name of the individual who did the work, I did see it exhibited at my university (OCAD University) a few years ago in the Great Hall along with other video game art. The first name Jonathan comes to mind, but I can't remember anything else about the work or why it was up. (it was like 4-5 feet tall, was awesome)

  2. necrons's monoliths my fav.

  3. The first picture is painted by the korean illustrator Cheol Joo Lee. I think it was for Dawn of War.

    His site:

    Pic in big:

  4. thank you for sharing


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