A lot of us have been reading the new Necron codex for any signs of 6th edition material and insight. Here is one of these little bits of insight, or perhaps it comes down to a glaring error in the proof reading department.

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One of the upgrades for the Canoptek Spyders says it can repair vehicles unless it has gone to ground. But MC's aren't allowed to GtG... so maybe a rule change in 6th?

Following is a reasonable explanation from 6th edition rumors regarding Bracing in 6th edition.

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In the 6th ed rumours there is a Brace rule:
- Brace:
who: tanks, walkers, monstrous creatures
when: being shot at, before rolls are made
instant effect: one weapon destroyed ignored, two saves for MC like IC
lasting effect: Suppressed, if not already Suppressed


  1. i don´t see the benefit of going to ground with a MC since they are melee units... you don´t want them laying in cover... you want them moveing forward to assault

  2. Next one is Dimensionnal Corridor, it says unit on the battlefield OR IN RESERVE. It not says incomming from reserves. Then Unit treated exactly as disembarking from vehicle that has moved at combat speed. Today, the speed does not matter

  3. Natfka, Im not sure the bracing rumor is right on this one, as the necron description doesnt say "braced" or "suppressed". It says "gone to ground".

    The rule makes no sense in 5th Ed. Why put in a rule that will make no sense in 5th or 6th? The 6th Ed rule must involve the exact phrase "gone to ground"

    Anonymous, some MCs might want to, like the Dark Eldar spirit-syphon thing, or a shooty wrathlord?

    Jiří Kocman, It matters if the vehicle was stationary, or counted as stationary, as the unit could then move and assault as normal.
    This way they cannot move or assault, but can still shoot.

    The Other Guy

  4. but what if they're sat on an objective denying your opponent's last unit of troops a point?

  5. @Jiří Kocman

    If a vehicle doesn't move then you can disembark move and assault etc unlike if it does move.

    As for monstrous creatures yes it is strange as MC's can never go to ground voluntarily or forced to by pinning weapons etc. Either that or is was a stupid stuff up by GW.

  6. Could be a new ability that forces a model to G2G whether they want to or not. Maybe a new version of pinning?


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