Sisters of Battle already received the short end of the stick this year with a White Dwarf codex. While we did not expect much out of a WD codex, there was also nothing really else to write home about. No models no nothing. A lot of people were pretty sad.

This rumor takes that on, declaring there will be some love coming for those Sisters of Battle in form of the some new plastics.

This rumor is highly suspect. It would of been much more down to earth if he had only mentioned an infantry boxed set release, however he is also mentioning tanks and vehicles. The rumor also mentions an earlier release of 6th edition, which would shorten the timeline a little too much.

Take with lots of salt

via templarsandorks

I have no idea if this is reliable so take it with a fair bit of salt

I was talking to the guy in my lgs and he said that sob were meant to get their models released in plastic at around febuary . He mentioned a couple of infantry sets (think grey knights) as well as a couple of new tanks/veichles. He also said 6th ed of 40k was meant to come out sooner than expected around april.

I have no idea if it was reliable just thought id let it get some circulation and thought.

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