Sisters of Battle already received the short end of the stick this year with a White Dwarf codex. While we did not expect much out of a WD codex, there was also nothing really else to write home about. No models no nothing. A lot of people were pretty sad.

This rumor takes that on, declaring there will be some love coming for those Sisters of Battle in form of the some new plastics.

This rumor is highly suspect. It would of been much more down to earth if he had only mentioned an infantry boxed set release, however he is also mentioning tanks and vehicles. The rumor also mentions an earlier release of 6th edition, which would shorten the timeline a little too much.

Take with lots of salt

via templarsandorks

I have no idea if this is reliable so take it with a fair bit of salt

I was talking to the guy in my lgs and he said that sob were meant to get their models released in plastic at around febuary . He mentioned a couple of infantry sets (think grey knights) as well as a couple of new tanks/veichles. He also said 6th ed of 40k was meant to come out sooner than expected around april.

I have no idea if it was reliable just thought id let it get some circulation and thought.


  1. Hm, we had rumours of new sister kits since before we knew that they would only get a WD codex. On the other hand there are Eldar jetbikes that haven't been released in years... But sisters really, really, really need new models.... I guess I have to say that I don't believe this rumour on account that it would be a sensible decision by GW.

  2. Yeah, I also find this one a little harder to believe. While Sisters DO need some plastic love, as they are an expensive army to build (as well as fairly outdated model-wise), I don't see them doing a big model release without a codex. I agree with you that an infantry release or two may be more sensible, but still a little far fetched at this point.

    Also, I would LOVE to see 6th edition drop around April time frame, however it wouldn't make sense from a marketing perspective. Summer is a great time frame since more people have that time off, and kids are working summer jobs so they could actually afford it then as well. I'm interested to see how this all pans out, but it sounds more like some guy spouting out home made rumors at his FLGS.

  3. With regards to 6th Ed. GW has been releasing new editions for its core games in the summer, followed by the starter box in september for some time now. I don't see why they would change this receipe now.

    And personally, I don't buy a plastic Sisters release in the near future. If they had released anything for Sisters, it would have been along the WD Codex, not six months later...

  4. hahaha :D

    SOBs got no finecast
    its 100% sure that they won´t get new models until their codex gets reworked some time in the far FAR FAR FUTURE :D
    besides new models would not sell due to bad codex.

    i think
    VPs in Jan
    Cron Wave 2 in Feb
    maybe some of those missing IGs or just fincast IGs inbetween

    and then Prob TAU or BTs or DAs in March or April.... since those are the dexes that got almost no finecasts so far

  5. @ damn
    summer is the worst time for releases since everybody is gone on holiday or saveing up for holidays....thats why the price-hikes always happen befor the summer.
    They won´t change their releas scedual... wich has worked good so far... if at all they will set the releas further back to hit with x-mas

    this rumor is hear say... some random guy said smth?!! prob. just customer wish thinking

  6. As an aside, as Ive seen it many times but only as an abbreviation - what is VP?

    In regard to the rumours then it seems fairly obvious that if these long-rumored plastic Sisters were going to release they would have done it with the WD codex, but they didnt. we didnt even get any fine-recast.

    And while I would love 6th to drop in April to coincide with my bday as Ive said on other posts it most likely wont drop until June/July.

  7. He probably meant VC.

    I would love a new sisters book. I have something like 4K points that are shelved because I can't stand the WD book. New models would also be nice depending on how they turned out.

  8. Noone in a flgs is a reliable source.

  9. I usually follow your rumors and give a little more weight to what you post than I find on other sites. Mostlybecause you can tell me if the source is reliable or not. This one seems to be was past the unreliable state. Heresay would be putting it mildly. "Some guy told me that he knows a dude who heard a random bloke at a local game store somewhere that said the sky is going to be purple next year."

    But like I said, you do let us know how reliable a source is ... or isn't in this case.

  10. A couple weeks ago GW was out of one of the meltagun models, and back in late August they were out of Uriah Jacobus. SOmeone had said he was supposed to be back in stock at the end of September.

    That would mean they are still making??? metals models?

    I got a couple immolators recently also, so they still have those.

  11. I talked to a GW phone guy about new plastic sisters and he said that they'd get a new book and new plastics eventually just like Blood Angles, which was his words. And isn't that exactly what they did with Blood Angels, release a terrible pdf half codex to get rid of back stock, 6 months later, whole new model range and real codex.
    I also talked to him about the situation with sold out sisters models in the US like Multi-Meltas and H-Bolters he said that they got a rush on them when the book came out.
    Also as far Sisters not getting finecast, shouldn't that be an indication that they'd be getting new plastics? Another reason for no finecast sisters could easily be the current SOBs models mostly suck hard.

    Btw: Did anyone ever notice sisters flamers have scopes on them?

  12. I remain cynically apprehensive about plastic Sisters.

    It wouldn't surprise me in the least to find that the WD codex was a 'place holder' for a larger, complete release in 6th ed, complete with new plastics to enjoy, but I'm not expecting anything soon and certainly not before the rumored flagship codexes like Templars, Dark Angels, Tau and Eldar.

    Now for the wild speculation on little facts: off-hand I'd say that the reference to vehicles is likely to be the Forge World models becoming mainline plastic rather than something totally new, which I can see happening without needing another codex release.

    That said, if there is a 6th ed. codex planned then using the Baal Predator and it's flamethrower turret as a base would be an easy way to add a bit of heavy armour to the Sisters, since they're quite lacking in that department. Who knows, maybe as an Inquisitional force like the Grey Knights they'll get access to Stormravens (wouldn't that be a nice way to deliver your Seraphim?)!

    Anyway, I'm betting on the idea that we'll not see anything from the Sisters of Battle until 6th edition is well underway.

  13. I'm pretty unimpressed with Stormravens personally (although I did go to the last Ard boyz round and they had lots of Stormraves and Valkyries). They would only hold 6? Seraphim, whatever.

    They would be a good delivery system for Penitent Engines though (with the Rage rule messing with them).

  14. I'm personally just painting Rhino's and Forge World Exorcists until plastic sisters release. I for one am not holding my breath.

  15. I think his estimation of them coming out in February was a little off. I'm thinking that their release will probably coincide with 6th.

  16. Hopefully they release Sisters in plastic and include 2 sets of heads, helm and helmless, I really hate painting faces so I'd love me some Sisters with helmets.

  17. Sisters don´t do helmets....after all, the Emperor protects.

  18. With helmets and without is the only distinction we have between our model range. Helmets for Celestians/Dominions, helmetless for battle sisters. Simple :)

  19. Yup, sure, plastic Sisters in Febraury.

    Febraury 2023.


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