Rumors place the Tau as the last codex of 5th edition. This little rumor snippet places them early next year, its brief so lets get right to it.

via ghost21
i have to say that 6th isnt necrons or eldar, its chaos, i do know for a while 2 starter sets were planned
oh the mc transport, just wait til orks come back
back to tau i do believe the tau book is in the proof reading stage
as far as i understand it they would be the last 5th ed army


  1. Hmm, with all the large monsters they've done lately, a giant squiggoth would certainly be feasible as a plastic kit.

  2. Yes! And now, you will all once again fear the power of pulse rifles, mwahahahaha!

  3. You know, I never understood why they release new codices right before a new rulebook comes out. Sure, it'll be written with 6th ed. in mind, but why not just release it after? It inherently makes it a stronger codex, because they can directly state 6th ed rules, and not try to straddle 2 editions.

  4. Speaking of proof-reading, Ghost21 could benefit.


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