Warhammer 40k suddenly appears on the front page of a popular newspaper in Greece, with the creator of the blog, 122nd Cadia face down checking his line of sight.

This article calls us Nazi's, stupid, racists, and more things than I am going to repeat. The Antipope was able to translate the article to the best of his ability into English for us upon request, so it is posted for your reading below. My understanding that his normal job includes translating English to Greek, so even if the article loses some of its sarcasm, as he claims, the point of it is still there.

I highly suggest that everyone, and other bloggers as well, pick up on this story and write the editor of the newspaper. Here is my email to the editor of the newspaper that went with this article. You can copy paste if you don't think you can write your own, just attach your own name to it.

Editors Email Address: kmag@kathimerini.gr
My Response
Your newspapers article this week on Warhammer 40k was high inflammatory, ignorant, and completely wrong in so many places, that I even wonder if the author did indeed listened to any of the interviews, or even read the background herself. While she was there at the tournament, she constantly questioned the gamers if they know people in the extreme right wing that play the game. She refers to the players of the game (it is only a game and a hobby), as Nazi's, racist, and complete idiots.

The Warhammer 40k universe in its background is a reflection upon the extremes of mankind. It is first and foremost Science Fiction. I really think the author of the article needs to get off her high horse and do some background on what science fiction is. Then needs to reflect upon movies and other fictional works, to see if those authors or those that follow them are also racist.

The journalist in question published a highly political and self indulging article in an attempt to garner a moment in the spotlight. Instead she has shown just how low a journalist can go in creating a monster out of what is a very strong and wonderful hobby, with enthusiasts all over the world.

At the very least, this journalist should lose her job, this is not journalism. Corrections should be made, and an apology published.

Author of Faeit 212

via The Antipope
Link to his blog and his response http://cadia122.blogspot.com/2011/11/bad-journalism.html

Okay Gary, this is the translation of the text to the best of my abilities. I have the impression that the underlying sarcasm of the text is somehow lost but that's not such a big deal I guess. Here it is then:

The Article
War on a table
A plunge into the dark, bizarre and militaristic world of the game that combines modeling and strategy, and holds as "prisoners" thousands of players in Greece and all over the World.

"Blood for the Blood God, Skulls for the Skull Throne". This is the motto and war-cry of the servants of the God of Chaos, Khorne (The Antipope: she translates if phonetically to Greek as "Horn"...). If you think that this sentence was "strange" enough as a magazine's article opening line, wait and see what's to come. This started as a report for one of the most popular miniature tabletop games of the last 30 years and I still don't know how I ended up fighting against "Daemons of Chaos" in 40000 AD and hang out with creatures with names such as Necrons, Dark Eldar, Black Angels (not sure what army that is...)and much more like them...undead and badass.

(Caption under my picture): Dedication. Studying the rules needs time, building requires effort, the creation of a decent army...money- up to 500 euros for the starter "set". During the game all this is forgotten though.

(Caption under next picture): Precise calculations. Before any move the player must contemplate on it's consequences. "Somehow like chess..." like they told us, but much bloodier.

Dozens of horrible creatures, together with an Emperor-God (of the earthlings) and four Gods of Chaos, live in the blackest, obscurantist, religionist, militaristic, fundamentalist, authoritarian, racist, abominable and repulsive world ever conceived by the human mind. In fact, by the British mind, since the game was coined and released in England at the beginning of the eighties.

The game, that for the last 30 years has been played by millions of people all over the world, is called "Warhammer:40000 or "40K" for it's friends. With many of these friends (Greeks) we talked about the multifarious 40K and it's exceptional miniatures, modeling, hobby, required intelligence, strategic ability, men (that play), women (that don't) and daemons that eat souls (soul-eating is the pop corn of the future).

In the same future that, as the general motto of the game states, "There is no time for peace. Neither for forgiveness. There is only war. Endless War."

Little "toy soldiers" for men? And beyond...

As an intro into the world of this "joyful" game, we watched ,during a tournament, around forty males (between 18 and 39 years old), with tape measures and dice on hand, planning assaults against the military units that were placed on top of special dioramas (model battlefields with obstacles, buildings, trees etc.). 40K is a game of strategy (or tactics rather) and requires thought, a lot time studying the rules and a certain degree of intelligence of the mathematically skilled type. The toy soldier miniatures-designed with a lot of imagination and incredible details by the company of Games Workshop-have to be assembled and painted by the hobbyists-players. Painting the "armies" is a form of art on it's own accord, to which modelers dedicated hours or even days. Considering all this, when questioned "why do you play" everybody gave the same answer:" Because it's a hobby that gives me the opportunity to do miniature modeling, to think strategically and, mainly, get together with friends at least twice a week, for gaming, talking, painting...". That's great!

At this point it could be the end of this discussion, if there wasn't for the fluff to be considered, i.e. if there was no ideological-mythical environment of 40K. The world "fluff" ,that is the creation of tabletop or non tabletop role playing gamers and it has to do with everything else but the rule set of the game, is the key to open the...darkness of 40K. Because the fictions, facts and characteristics of the bloodthirsty and soul-hungering soldiers are so outrageous that the question "but, why do you want to play?" was coming back to our conversation almost automatically.

To think or not to think?
What does someone need furthermost in order to be able to play 40K? "Brains", most of them think, claiming at the same time that "nobody takes fluff seriously" but also..."I chose the game based on the fluff" or "real life is a different thing to the game" but also..."I have seen in the US the ideology of the army and the player matching to a dangerous degree. I've even seen a player with swastikas tattooed all over his body". So many contradictions they could win a Guinness world record.

Generally speaking, when having to choose the game, but also the army, fluff is always there to play a role. As a 38 old professor of biotechnology told us "I also chose an army based on the fluff - I play with dark eldar..."(he stops to think)"in the end they are psychic vampires..." (pausing and saying out very loud)... "I don't even care about my army's fluff!". Perhaps a mind with mathematical skills is necessary but it also seems necessary that the same mind needs the ability not to be able to...think!

The first thing we found out about the 40 participants of the tournament, is that most of them is what we would call "educated" (higher degree level) and working (you need a lot of money to be able to play 40K seriously for many years). Amongst them we found a manager of marketing in a multinational company, a university professor, a gold smith, a 23 year old business man, many civil engineers and many students (chemists, engineers, mathematicians).

Most of them started off as fans of science or heroic fiction, mythology, history and comic books. Many of them have read the low literary value novels based on the game's fluff, for which 30 year old Thanos said: "If I had a child, I wouldn't let him read these novels before he develops his character". We can summarize the profile of the average 40K player as follows: a rather "introvert", lonely guy that doesn't like to go out, doesn't like to watch the TV or football(!), but he likes listening to music (foreign, and mainly classic rock) and he prefers when going out to talk with friends in cafes or houses. Many of them claimed that they "believe in God", whom they defined as the "beginning" of everything or "the power" of the universe etc. but they don't like his "fan club". Couple of them claimed to be pronounced atheists.

Lastly, we found out that all of them are ready to talk about politics, expressing extreme ideas more or less with words that are somewhat muddled inside their heads. We only found one person who deals with the understanding of human relationships, while most of the other are ignorant even of the word "psychology".

Hail, Emperor?
A large percentage of their population compared with their average number (5 out of the 15 interviewees) had some racist and xenophobic ideas and had been involved with the study of Nazi texts, including "Mein Kampf" by Adolf Hitler. George, a mulatto (from a Greek father and a mother from impoverished Louisiana), one of the most intelligent and sincere kids we met, following the question if the game is "a bit" racist he replied: "It's very racist and in America (US) many gamers identify themselves with that racism. Moreover, Black Templars, that have the Iron Cross as a sign and their colours are black, white and red, are clearly Nazis"

"Have you noticed that a percentage of the players belong to the extreme right wing?" we asked 35 year old Takis, a middle school teacher who claims to be "left wing". "Yes, but I don't know why. Maybe they are fascinated by the epic, heroic or even the racist elements of 40K. Because there is a lot of racism in the game." The next question that came up naturally is if 40K makes you feel superior compared to other people :"Yes, it's a bit elitist. It requires a lot of thought so it makes you feel..."somehow". Somehow superior" said Markos laughing. One of the most extreme statements we heard was :"It's been proved throughout the history of Greece that we can only go forward with a fascist government" said John. "And I am going to be the one executing them", added his friend Fotis.

Playing with your soul?
I would also add, playing with your sword. But why would someone fight with a sword in the technologically super advanced 40000 AD? And why does it's system has to be so authoritarian and obscurantist? And why does the "trophy" have to be the most valuable thing humans have, i.e. their souls?

"Because 40K combines elements that fascinate men, like chivalry, heroism, power, ability, speed etc" said 38 year old widely educated Kostas with his well structured speech. "Probably because we want to look better in comparison. Maybe I would never go to real war, but in the game you can be an awesome hero or a general without having to pay the price in return. For it's system now, the wider the network of planets that human inhabit becomes, the more we will keep losing our humanity. In the minds of the creators of science fiction, there is always a strong central authority necessary, which through cutting down our freedoms and though fear can create a structure in order for that new world to function. In 40K there is a mixture of western imperialism and eastern fundamentalism."

And why does the future has to seem so bleak I wonder: "Because", as 39 year old Giannis is saying "this sells. This game has the best marketing." "Furthermore because reality sucks and progress is even worse" adds the younger Minas. "Everything in the fluff is derived from human history, to an excessive extend maybe, but historically".

Why aren't women playing the game, I ask them: "Now you are delving into a touchy subject", Fotis told me, who is married and has one child. "Women don't go for mentally committing stuff. In order to be able to commit in something so that you can disengage from the everyday life, you have to be a man." Fotis was the same person who told me when I asked him why the ideology of the game is crazy: "Are there any ideological obstacles in fantasy?".

In the interview we did with 23 year old Markos, who describes the game as a "struggle for the survival of the human race" and as the "absolute decline", after he told us that "Warhammer is not a comedy but a tragedy with the classical sense, in a dystopian future" he also express the optimistic thought that "Man has the awesome capacity to conquer everything, even himself." When I asked what does he do to ...conquer himself he answered :"I am reading thousands of books, I am writing down stories and poetry, I work, talk, travel and do thousands of different things. Why? Because I have an enormous stress that I will stay mediocre"


  1. please note: I just tried to send my email, and the email address provided to me is not working. I will get it corrected asap.

  2. "Dozens of horrible creatures, together with an Emperor-God (of the earthlings) and four Gods of Chaos, live in the blackest, obscurantist, religionist, militaristic, fundamentalist, authoritarian, racist, abominable and repulsive world ever conceived by the human mind."

    This is true! And that's the point: in the grim darkness of the future there is only war. It's not nice, nor pretty!

    I'm used to those who wilfully misunderstand peddling rubbish as fact. I find it almost comical. Though whilst drawing parallels between Nazism and 40k (have you seen Imperial Guard?!) is fair enough it's just plainly ignorant to presume that people engaging in an escapist hobby crave for that sort of world in reality.

    I'm a loyal anti-Imperial type (for the Greater Good!) but even I could write a biased article about how 40k is really about:

    * Humanity fighting for survival
    * Heroes (Smurfs) beset on all sides by those who seek to eradicate them
    * Living saints - people who give their lives, in the case of Dreadnoughts repeatedly, to protect humanity
    * Community and identity struggles within a vast, pluralistic universe

    And so on. I personally think the Imperium sucks, but that doesn't mean I think every Smurf player is a Nazi, even though the Imperium meshes the worst forms of fascism and communism in its own brand of authoritarian hell.

    The journalist won't get the sack; she wrote a story that got coverage! But let's all be honest: with the economy in Greece as it is now, frankly, gamers and hobbyists have bigger problems than being bad-mouthed in a rag.

  3. Reminds me of those many articles we have here in Russia about real-time roleplayers. Those that swordfight, play elves in the woods etc. I'm one of those btw))
    Those articles picture us as even worse monsters than the 40k players. They picked some goths, for example and pictured them like bloody satanictic loonatics leading to the idea tha all the roleplayers are like that.
    Or take an interview with some medieval reconstructors, than cut it to phrases like "adrenalin rush when you see an armed enemy" in which it's so easy to accuse some militaristic bloody kids gone mad with violence. oh, yes and those, who go fond of slovanic or norse culture are no less then racists. Ain't that clear?

    Journalist scums.

  4. I do not expect her to lose her job, but it does show the level of jounalism at this newpaper if she continues to work there.

  5. Natfka, thank you again for your support. This has already caused an uproar within the local (and I hope a bit of the global) community. Hope the email adress of the editor is working for you now.

    And by the way I only do translations part time. Thanks again.

  6. Rise above your offender.
    This article is biased by the effort to shock the mass-paper reader, who is (most often) conservative and narrow-minded. But attacking this journalist blindly, ask for making amends, and retribution, without countering his arguments leads to nothing but a confirmation of his theories.
    I allow that our fictional world is indeed dark, excessive, racist in the extremes, but it has an historical background that gives it a meaning, and a purpose. It is coherent. The various factions are built upon archetypes that are linked together, and the universe of WH40K itself evolves through a dynamic balance among the inhabited worlds and the warring armies. It IS a very bleak painting, but each player is a general that leads its men - and their nation - to survival, and somewhat to create an acceptable order (in their own terms, of course).
    There are good players, and bad players. As in every community. So what? Bad apples don't define a bad game. Our game is a game of strategy and tactics, it requires preparation, intelligence, foresight, and in the end the ability to cope with retreats, acceptable defeats, and even total failures. Learn from victories, learn from errors, and shake hands with your rival.
    And be proud of your gaming.

  7. maybe the Anti-Christ is one of W40K player...

  8. Talk about raw sensationalism. "People play a game. WHAT RELIGION ARE THEY?!!??!! OBVIOUSLY RELEVANT."

    I also get the distinct impression that most, if not all of the quotes, are taken completely out of context or made up completely. I know in my local meta there's a range of personalities, backgrounds, ages and education levels, but not a single person I know would be unaware that the Black Templars are taken wholesale from the Knights Templar and have absolutely nothing to do with Nazism.

    And I'm in America - you know, where we're all pretty racist.

  9. To be fair, I feel although the article was somewhat biased (what piece of journalism isn't?), It does seem to conclude with far more balanced arguments.

    The article follows a basic flow in which, it starts by describing the hobby, goes into a shocking possibility of the dangers of such a hobby (lets be realistic, this is journalism, to it has to have some level of interest/controversy. And it is written in a country where playing to fears over corrupting the population away from Godly pursuits has appeal to gain readers). After going through this though, it concludes with two very balanced opinions of why such a dystopian future has been popularised.

    The article included interviews with lots of people, which lets face it do represent some of our player base, as ugly as this is to consider. We are not all upstanding members of society, and some of us might be attracted to some of the more extreme avenues of the 41st millennium for genuinely worrying reasons, but It also showed some completely normal guys just having a good time, which I would like to think the majority of us are.

    I know we do love 40k, but journalist have to find problems, its their job. And at the end of the day, the article wasn't as horribly one sided as it could have been, had the last paragraph not made the cut.

  10. This article is the best thing ever holy poop

  11. This is the most hilarious thing I have read in a very long time. Perhaps something was lost in the translation, but the article just strikes me as being a bit rediculous, especially considering that most of what the person said could be turned on everything from music to classic books.

  12. If 40K is bad, then so are the following:

    Batman. Vigilante who takes the law into his own hands. Then there's the villains. Yikes!

    Equillibrium. Facists banning emotion and using drugs to control population.

    Count of Monti Cristo. Bribery and murder to get your revenge on those who wronged you.

    Pirates of the Caribbean. Making piracy seem cool while making lawful authority a bunch of dicks.

    Star Wars. Palpatine was definately fascist. Hero turning to evil and killing kids.

    Indiana Jones. Now that had Nazis and communists in the films.

    James Bond. Fornicating alcoholic with a license to kill. (now I'm getting biblical).

    Fast and Furious, Oceans eleven and twelve, Italian Job etc etc. Making a life of crime look cool.

    Can I stop now? Please tell me I've made my point. Oh wait, there's more:

    What about Alexander as he conquers the known world in the belief that the Greeks are the master race and rightful rulers of the Earth? Does that sound like anything in 40K?

  13. I like how she claims that Americans who play 40k associate themselves with racist ideals. I'll have to call out all the black, mexican, and asian gamers I know now for being self loathing racists...who knew?

  14. I hate anyone who compares anything in life to Nazi's. This woman is trying to be a Greek Glen Beck. Maybe trying to get her article on Fox news for some fame.

    We are not building miniatures with little weapons for the purpose of genocide. We build them because its fun. Both to build and to play.

    If she gets the Nazi idea from fluff, then she somehow thinks that fiction is in fact reality. She she must also think almost every sci-fi movie/book made is Nazi-ish.

    I hate narrow minded people.

    Sorry for the rant. I hope GW puts her in her place.

  15. If you went and got some responses from say sports stars and sports overview in general, then that would make 40K look soo innocent it wouldn't be funny.

    Crush the enemy (and not figuratively on the tabletop, but literally in real life). Then all the competitive win at all costs, sex scandals, money, corruption, etc. That whole industry has an extremely seedy side to it.

    There are women who play the game also. Not a large majority, but you could find multiple hobbies that are mostly men and many that are mostly women. I don't really see the point of that part of the article, unless they are advertising to women that there are a lot of successful single men who play.

  16. I do like the part about how there are no women who play 40k, and about how we are by and large on the right wing. The group I play 40k with consists of four people, one of whom is a woman, and we're all on different parts of the political spectrum. And personally I play Sisters of Battle, Chaos Daemons, Blood Angels, and Chaos Marines, not because I like the zealotry, but because they're all fun armies to paint and play.

  17. So how long until Tastytaste has this plastered all over BoLS' front page?

  18. This sort of thing isn't exactly new or surprising - remember all the "moral majority" types in the USA who liked to accuse Goths and heavy metal fans of all being devil-worshippers? Or the campaigners who sent endless letters of complaint to the BBC about "gratuitous horror" in Doctor Who in the 1970s? Or more generally all the people who assume that any fictional work must automatically represent the views of its author and readers? A lot of people don't understand "tongue-in-cheek" at all either.

    There are certain people who just like to do this generally. I recently read an article in the Guardian (a British newspaper, for everyone who doesn't know it) which took some unpleasant comments made by Frank Miller and ran with them to create an argument that the ENTIRE COMIC BOOK MEDIUM was intrinsically Fascist. Their other favourite is, ironically enough, to denounce anything showing Jews in a positive light as "Zionist propaganda".

    This sort of attitude comes from a position of rigid, humourless, paranoid ultra-conformism. I think that's quite a bit more dangerous than people playing a game.

  19. What is this (journalist) and I use the word loosely on? Has she

    *EVER*read science fiction or anything other than her own… whatever

    you want to
    call it writing? Last time I checked the “Horus Heresy” series was on the
    New York Times best seller‘s list. Continuing on, how is this statement

    right, “ Many of them have read the *low literary value novels* based on

    the game's fluff”. According to her train of thinking, Star Wars, James
    Bond, hell even "Harry Potter" should be considered; racist, sexist, etc…
    Proper research should be
    conducted before writing/publishing an article.

    I found the article to be VERY offending, comparing the people who play 40k
    to nazi's...

  20. My friends include: 1 German, 2 Russians, 1 Iranian, 1 Indian, 2 New Zealanders and 14 white English (living in England myself). Of these, 12 are women and 9 are men.

    I'm also a Christian who believes in forgiveness, mercy and loving your neighbour.

    Chaos may give me the creeps, but I don't believe anyone who plays them are devil worshippers. In fact, neither God nor Satan are mentioned in any fluff I have ever read. This is good escapism from a world that is falling apart.

    Not everything in 40K is grim and dark, I find the Tau bright and optimistic. Dare I suggest that the Tau are the closest to 'good guys' that you get in the game. It was while looking for rumours that I strayed here.

    Hope you don't mind me gatecrashing. If this is a 'members only site' just say and I'll go away. :))


    I can't take this seriously enough to get mad about it.

  22. Of course they realise this means war!

    Plus this could piss off a great deals of Brits (like me) and will there fore cause a vote in us not bailing them out like we have been doing.


  23. What this journalist doesn't seem to be able to wrap her head around is the fact that the 40k universe is not one that can be easily analogized to the real world.
    The universe of 40k is a world that is beyond our reality. The simple fact that aliens exist and powers such as chaos exist render our current world views in this 21st century reality that we inhabit, inadequate and completely inalagous when applied to 40k, which is what this author is attempting to do. It's just not a possibility. The 40k universe is so fantastical it's beyond our thinking and that's why it's great science fiction.
    Having said the above, I think the one massive irony that everyone often misses, including the fans of 40k themselves, is that in the 41st millenium, in this grim dark and pessimistic fictional universe, humanity is united at least in spirit and that is definitely something that can't be said about the world we currently live in.
    I think the philosophical nuances and contradictions that lie within the fictional universe really throw some people. When one uninitiated tries to graft their world views onto the fantastical and unreal world of 40k things don’t match up nicely or simply. The universe of 40k is much more nuanced and complicated than most people realize at first cursory glance.
    Furthermore, I know that some people including many fans like to think of 40k primarily as a messed up future world of extremes, which it is, but in a way when turned slightly and looked at from a different angle, it’s a universe based on positives drawn from extreme negative circumstances. In this fictional universe of utter extremes heroes exist and ideals are sought after and often upheld. For me, that is the ultimate point of 40k lore, background, and fiction. You might have to dig a bit deeper than this “journalist” was willing to do in order to find this positive, but maybe if she did, she’d rewrite her article or write a more informed and intelligent follow up. I know, its wishful thinking.

  24. Same poster as above, just some extra thoughts:

    I'm sure this "journalist" would apply her very broad strokes to almost anything that didn't sit right with her. She definitely has an agenda or bone to pick. She could probably write the same article about any number of video games, for example world of warcraft, or any other number of fictional sci fi worlds, movies, books, etc., but she happened to stumble upon Warhammer.

    Really this is shallow, biased, and lazy journalism. I really wish articles like this would be vetted a little better before being published.

  25. So I am a white english teenager, who listens to heavy metal, and plays some Imperial Guard and Chaos. According to this article, I am therefore a devil worshipping racist hypocritical Nazi who likes to commit genocide on the tabletop.
    I am a devout Christian who plays this hobby because I am fairly artistic, I like to be tactical, and I would rather fight a war on the table than try and concentrate on the world today, when everything is spiralling out of control with various countries in turmoil, and the imminent threat of global warming.
    And you don't need to be very rich to play this hobby. I survive on £1 a week pocket money.

  26. I participate in a number of activities, ranging from athletics to hobbying, and can earnestly say that the camaraderie around the paint and gaming table is the same as that which is found amongst teammates and competitors.

    Hobbying is good clean fun and I'm proud to be a part of such an awesome community.

  27. Sorry but @Brother Thomas:

    I don't view Tau as the "good guys," in fact 40k has no "good guys." Most of the races that are "good" are neutral at best. Tau for instance kill anyone who doesn't believe in the Greater Good and is encroaching on the Imperium's realm, killing all the way. While the Greater Good seems ok in theory it doesn't work out as most of the worlds deny the request and soon a Cadre or two is dispatched to conquer the world. Not that good imho

  28. I agree that this article is an example of poor journalism. That said, I would strongly suggest you proof read the response letter. I found several errors.

  29. I don't know it seemed pretty benign for a non-gaming media outlet. At least they weren't telling readers how their children were practicing satanism.

  30. This is hilarious, I live in a very conservative Christian area, so I get this quite often. Those same people who go about beating the shit out of each other because their football team was cheated by a third party referee? Ever seen a 40k gamer beat someone up because he lost a game?

    My dear fellow gamers, see this as a minor amusement to start/end your day, there will always be fools out there who are so bereft of attention that they will attack those who do not defend themselves.

  31. So the Black Templar crosses are Nazi and not Germanic, Gaelic or Gothic? What does that make the Union Jack then?

  32. sensationalism, sensationalism everywhere

  33. @Anonymous 5:42 PM

    I know. But at least Tau give you the choice of 'join us or die.' As opposed to the Imperiums 'die vile xenos die.'

    It's good to be given a choice, and I for one like the optimism and technological freedom offered by the Tau. Now I have to run from the Ordo Xenos.

  34. I found this bit amusing:
    "George, a mulatto (from a Greek father and a mother from impoverished Louisiana), one of the most intelligent and sincere kids we met, following the question if the game is "a bit" racist he replied: "It's very racist and in America (US) many gamers identify themselves with that racism. Moreover, Black Templars, that have the Iron Cross as a sign and their colours are black, white and red, are clearly Nazis" "

    She calls the game racist while feeling it necessary to point out that the person she is interviewing is of mixed race - hypocritical much?

    Also, coloured cross on a white background, crusaders anyone?

  35. Have You ever read Orwell? That is some serious racist and totalitarian shit. I think Orwell, and anyone who calls him "literature classic”, is a retarded racist and nazi himself!


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  37. Try the following emails:



    I think we filled their inbox or crushed their server or something.

  38. ROFLMAO. 5 out of the 15 talked to....

    Really? 15? Millions play this game all over the world and you talked to 15? Your cross section analysis boggles my mind. Excuse me while I walk into my gaming store and poll the 10 people there to see who thinks the writer is ignorant and apply that to millions.

    1. Greece, ya might want to focus your time and energy on the fact that you are only being held back from the brink of economic meltdown by the EU not the mini gaming industry.
    2. GW has great marketing? LOL!
    3. I talked to a mixed raced person and he verified all of America is racist, so it must be true.
    4. The cross that the Black Templar use is from the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR

    This is why I hate people... Excuse me while I take my racist, introverted, and American self back into my cave of hate

  39. I'm going to show my age here and remember tbe same rubbish being written about dungeons and dragons back in the late 70's. Alternative hobbies always draw rubbish journalism like this when editors want to distract from something important.

  40. Sounds like an accurate article to me - you should read it again or you should come to understand the fluff.

  41. Can we get back to the rumours please and just forget the scribblings of one person.

    Yesterdays newspaper is todays recycling rubbish.

  42. http://www.kathimerini.gr/

    for newspaper link. there is an english button.

  43. The whole Nazi section of the article is completely out of proportion with the rest of the article and OTT.

  44. Wow. Most commented on post I've ever seen on this blog. I guess that will be all of us defending our Nazi ideals...
    As a random afterthought, how can you confuse the Knights Templar and Nazis? She should read more history books.

  45. The best part is the subtle anti-Americanism which seems to exist not just with the journalist but with the players. Apparently the US is just full of rascist fascists who roll dice on the weekends.

  46. So what do we learn from this article?

    All 40k players are male !
    Almost all 40k players are neo nazis !
    Woman DONT play 40k !
    People who play 40k are losers !

    and offcource
    British people are EVIL, EVIL i tell ya !

    Im sure there's a bit it the bible that says:
    And LO behold so cometh the end of days when the followers of 40k shall bring forth the appocalypse, Khorne shall walk the earth and the sinners shall be taken by the Dark Eldar (my peeps btw) the nazi emperor of mankind shall do some racist stuff and all your base will belong to Space Orks....

    I LOL at this article, talk about fear mongering

  47. Ya know...i always thought i was a nice, open minded athiest,
    Imagine my shock when I read this article and found out i'm actually a racist, neo nazi, satanist lozer :(

  48. When I read sensationalist tripe like this "news" article I'm reminded how unfortunate it is when someone who claims to be a journalist abuses their position as a podium rather than reporting news objectively.

    It seems clear from the nature of the the article that the author had preconceived notions about the, "dank underbelly of table top wargaming" and formulated her inquiries in order to validate the same.

    There are many examples of media within popular culture that could be depicted as glamourizing or unduly fixated upon facist or totalitarian ideas providing the audience has a limited or casual exposure to the object of scrutiny.

    What is so disappointing about this article is the author clumsily attacks not just a game but a minority of persons who happen to enjoy playing it. The writer panders to the reader celebrating their "normalacy" by marginalizing the gamers because they don't like television and football as we can assume she and all good people are supposed to.

    Fortunately this bigoted train wreck of a "journalist" is unable to complete a short essay without indulging her own prejudices blatantly dumping on the British, Americans and "foreign" music (is that a legitimate musical genre?). I can't say the author is a fascist but this sort of trash places her firmly in the nationalist camp.

  49. What an intelligent twit... "The Black Templar are clearly nazis... look at the iron crosses and the colors of Black, White, and Red." Obviously they don't know the tales of the knights Templar which were... OH!!! They used Iron Crosses and were primarily Black, White, and Red... why... that's brilliant... I am a child and student of History and it's insulting when someone like this makes ignorant comparisons over simple things as a simple and a color. They aren't using the swastika as their symbol.

  50. What next? Grand Marshal HITLER?

    1. yep.... he's a new HQ choice in the new BT codex lol

  51. People easily forget how important gaming is in "real life". And also its main function, which in my view is simply training, maybe in a fun short of way.
    If a journalist hasnt so far in his/her life chanced upon this realization, how far r they from writing generalistic rubbish about complex aspects of peoples' belief systems.
    Now, being a greek national i should say that this newspaper stands rather low in my esteem, and i wouldnt expect much more from their journalists.
    As a postnote, i would like to wish that all the uneducated people who havnt got a clue, stop critisizing greece for the financial troubles it currently faces, or how much they r helping us. My opinion is that its the start of a global phenomenon, greece was conveniently sized as an economy, and, perhaps most importantly, we have a lot of traitors standing in high places, making things easier.
    So, mind ur manners imps, it's coming for u too!

  52. BT's are nazi's??? WTF. surly there more identified with the 11th,12th and 13th century Christian crusaders who embarked upon a religious campaign to 'free' the holy land from the muslims? now dont get me wrong, the nazis did indeed high-jack iconography and ideals from this time but they also high-jacked the swastika from Buddhism, does that make the monks secret nazi's? nazis would probably be the last people to compare a bunch of religious zealots with.... considering religion was something nazi's were against, just look at some of the posters they released during WW2 such as the one with a knife stabbed through a bible with the words 'this is the enemy'. couldnt picture a BT doing this to a picture of the mighty emperor, but hay what do i know.... im just a facially tattoo'd, classic rock loving, introverted nazi :)

  53. A Greek paper? Who cares, it's just distraction from their disintegrating economy & spiraling debt.

  54. Firstly, I have to say I am dismayed by some of the anti-Greek comments on this thread. The state of the Greek economy is irrelevant to this particular article, and Greeks are perfectly entitled to write about issues other than their economy. Would it be acceptable to say to a Briton, 'hey, your government's cuts to welfare are forcing people to depend on charity or face starvation; therefore you should not talk about anything else until you have got that sorted'?

    Secondly, I don't think this is the most egregious thing I've read about gaming. Frankly, I think it's perfectly reasonable for someone who is unfamiliar with the GW hobby to be curious about why playing in a distopian world is appealing. Sure, the journalist has leapt to some fairly wild conclusions, but she has at least attempted to do some (limited) research before doing so.

    It's not entirely unsubstantiated either; in my 20+ years of gaming I have met a fair old number of gamers who hold conservative views. Whether there is any correlation or causation between playing wargames and holding right-wing beliefs is debatable. I don't think there's any valid or representative research on that, but that shouldn't mean that the subject should be verboten.

    Personally I think if anyone is that bothered by this article they would be better served by emailing the newspaper and politely explaining why they disagree rather than getting angry and defensive.

    I run a club at the school I work at, and when colleagues, parents and children ask questions I invite them to come along to find out what it's about rather than reacting with indignation.

  55. Who cares what some feta munching twat thinks of us wargamers...


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