Chaos Legions are creeping closer now that the Necron codex is out. While it may or may not be next, I am beyond excited for this codex. It seems that even back as far as 3rd edition when everything was chapter approved out of White Dwarf magazines, we all wished for a codex that was more specific for each of the fallen chapters we liked.

Night Lords was by far my favorite back then, and this rumor mentions a stange assassin type for them.

I have been a little occupied the last few days with a family member, so thanks for your patience. (it also means I have been behind on digging up rumors)

via ghost21 and Compiled by Big Red on BOLS
-i really really shouldnt but, ive only seen a dreadnaught of the two mentioned (regarding a previous report of new plastic Chaos Dread and Raptors)

-To quickly add. will lesser chaos gods feture. yes n all of the fallen legions will be there

-saw preliminary types for khonate chrono gladiators... and a really bizarre night lord assassin type thing...

-oh im sure if people want a new abaddon.. i saw one but really it isnt much...

-little horus on the other hand... now there's a wow figure

-there was a little heated discussion weather alpha legion should be in this or the traitors dex... there in the legion dex

-the new abaddon as really it just seems bigger n bulkier, like somebody 3d scanned it n made him larger

-the minor chaos gods are already named, its like marks though, no daemons

-i did see a dark mechanicus guy... not sure if he will make it though, a very creepy sculpt based on a john Blanche piece

-this is really something to be taken with a grain of salt there may may be a 30k boxed set at some point, containing one of each of the legions characters

-oh one last thing its ward


  1. Doesnt ghost21 have a bad track record on rumors?

  2. not exactly. Ghost is like a playtester or something. So the things he sees are playtest codices and have stuff that may not make it through to the final version.

    So he's right about what he sees and good for a taste of what's coming, but you have to take everything he says with a grain of salt because while it's true it may not remain true.

  3. plastic raptors?
    they made finecast ones just a lil while ago!!!

    also " oh im sure if people want a new abaddon.. i saw one but really it isnt much..." what kind of comment is that? if they don´t want one he didn´t see it???

    ol :D

  4. In his defense he did say: "ive only seen a dreadnaught" So no wild claim of plastic raptors there.

    On the point Warlord22 made, here is a little rumour Ive seen recently that may have a bearing on whether or not we see plastic raptors. Rumour has it there's supposed to be a plastic hive tyrant. GW has redone that in finecast already. I'm not saying the rumour is true, just if a plastic Tyrant does turn up it will make plastic raptors more of a possibility.

    I for one hope for that dark mechanicus, preferably with some cool Iron warriors.

  5. Im hoping that if something went finecast, doesnt necessarily mean it's not getting a new model. Abbadon is in finecast and he is rumored to get a new sculpt. I'm hoping that is the case for the plague marines, and I hope they are redesigned in plastic, as with all cult troops.

    I'm also hoping we will see some single character plastics blisters in 40k similar to the fantasy ones.

  6. Didn't realized I was hoping for so much >.<

  7. I dream that one day finecast will be a distant memory and that all will be plastic. Multipart plastic. With all weapon options for characters.

    Think of the space marine commander, or chaos lord/sorceror.

  8. @ Terrible T
    the plastik Hive Tyrant rumor was a bundel of rumors wich also claimed there would be a Summer-of-Flyers wich didn´t come... and the rumor was BEFORE the finecast releas of the H-tyrant.

    unfortunatly there are people that like to spread rumors regardles of source... like BoK and other guys that post "here say" rumors. Wich are usually only wishfull thinking from casual gamers.

    I think given rumors we have heard,the finecasts released so far and the diffrent age of the not redone dexes, a BT &/or Tau releas is most likely to happen before a CSM releas.

    I highly doubt Raptors will be done in plastic any time soon becaus it will take some time before the Finecasts are sold off, also i don´t expect them to be 1st wave releas if a new CSM dex comes around.

  9. @ Terrible T
    finecast won´t be history any time soon... GW said a lot about it in their annual report...
    its an intressting read

  10. I agree with everything you said. There was also a rumour saying Necrons were being released before November. I'm not saying there was any truth to the rumour, only that IF a plastic hive tyrant is released it MIGHT suggest the POSSIBILITY of plastic raptors.

    Being naturally reclusive and distrustfull, I've remained silent while watching the rumours since about June/July and have been aware of many rumours that didn't happen. I would have continued to be a silent observer were it not for some good blogs which I spoke up on.

    Having my views respected, even if not always agreed with, made me inclined to join the comments here. Other rumour sites were angry, abusive and even allowed foul language while tearing somebody to shreds just because Mr? didn't like what Mr? said. Faeit 212 is, in my opinion, the best so far.

    I neither support, nor ridicule rumours. I've told the truth, to be called a lier. Those who are truly liers being haled as honest while I've been outcast and demonized.

    I was told, by GW staff that this summer was going to be a big daemonhunters event with the rest of the GK released. Did I post it? No. Why? No proof. If only more people thought as I do, there might be less anger on news and rumour sites. Then again, would these sites even exist without rumours and gossip?

  11. true... on a lot of sites there are a ton of people that have the temper of a 6year old rageing about anything and beeing insulting... Inet makes people think they are superman.

    GW staff will say anything to make a sale... claiming new "release soon" is just one of the ways... i have seen it happen... they like to sell a whole army right away to a new customer.

    rumors should alway be taken with a bit of salt

  12. I've stopped asking at GW for that reason Warlord22. In fact, I didn't read the GW annual report and I've stopped buying the white dwarf. When I see it on the GW website I go Yey! or Meh! Until then, I read the rumours and think 'that sounds good. Hope it happens.' Like the dark mechanicus, even he said it wasn't likely but wow wouldn't it be great.

    In the defence of one member of GW staff. One chap, who mysteriously disappeared from the store, discouraged me from buying Necrons in December last year. 'They will be coming next year' he said 'It won't be in the next six months, but towards the end of the year.'

    Perhaps they were sacking him anyway so he told me so he could get his own back on his Inquisition bosses. Shame. We need more like him.

  13. Regarding ghost21's rumour track record, I did a search on his Necron rumours from earlier on in the year (i.e. about as far out as the Legions codex is now), and he came pretty close with a lot of things. He was off with the release date, but I seem to recall that the release had to be delayed for some reason or other, hence the Sisters' WD codex. He's also pointed out that he sees a lot of things from much earlier in the design process than other rumourmongers.

    Didn't really check up on his other rumours, though.

  14. @ cheexsta
    they al claim to be working at GW HQ... maybe he is right.. but then again it would not make much sence that he is spoiling is own companys biss

    @ Terrible T
    from what i have heard about pay of the staff in stores and what "training" they get... i woud not be surprised that he got fired for not talking someone into buying.
    But thats the GW we all know. :D

  15. Hope family member OK.


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