This week we have seen a few small rumors coming around regarding everything from Sisters of Battle, 6th edition, a new allied forces supplement, and insights to Chaos Legions. Overall we have all heard that the blackout on rumors is in force, but the rumors are still coming regardless of policy.

Presence of Faeit is my weekly editorial. I generally report during the week what is going on, and today is my day to comment on what exactly it is that I am thinking of.

Lord Inquisitor
This project is amazing, and this week we were graced by its creators to receive the first trailer for this CGI movie. Just the dramatic footage of that battle barge crashing down through the atmosphere was amazing to see. It is a little sad that this is scheduled for a 2013 release, because that will seem like it will never arrive.

Lets talk about the voice acting. It was a little off, and in the beginning of the trailer it was a little overly dramatic, something you would see in a bad play. It is nothing to worry about for the final product that will be coming. They have said that they will be using professional actors for the voices, not to mention that with the release so far away, this is just a preview. My understanding is that the creators first language is German, and I was trying to listen for any signs of a German accent, but could not hear one. So while the voice at the beginning of the trailer put me off some, it does come around as the trailer moves on and gets better and less exaggerated.

I loved the trailer, and have seen it a couple times now. This is a not for profit project, so to support it, simply go to their site and become a follower. I cannot wait to see more.

Allied Forces Return
This is something I hope comes sooner than later. Even though I do not know the form and rules allies will return with, it was sad to lose assassins for armies like the Imperial Guard. They had always been there, and even if it was rare for me to ever use them, it was sad and disappointing that GW caved to a vocal minority.

Now it may have been their plan to add them back in with an allied supplement, however that is still at the early rumor stages, so I can only make my opinion of it based on what is here now.

Something I do enjoy though, is being able to use models from one army to the next. This was one of the primary reasons for me making a Grey Knight army. I have tons of Imperial Guard, so taking Coteaz I could inter swap models and the cost of having a very large army was very small. I also had a lot of inquisition models that would just sit there and gather dust.

I really hope GW moves forward with a supplement like this, regardless of the form it would take.

Necrons, Love or Hate
The poles have been closed, and the results stayed amazingly stable as the poll numbers grew. Even though I only ran it for a week, those that like or love the new codex stayed in the mid 80% range.  To be honest I thought the percentage would be higher than that, so it was a worthwhile look at the make up of our community, and to give the players a voice to be heard on both sides of the issue.

Here are the results;
Necrons, Love or Hate Them
Fantastic, Amazing Release...51% 314 votes
Like... 33% 202 votes
Dislike... 9% 59 votes
Hate them, Ridiculous Changes...5% 32 votes

Total votes 607

Thanks for participating in the poll, it was fun. More than likely we will do something like this again.

This week was a hard one, so I got absolutely no Gaming in. I was outbid at the last moment on a house we were trying to buy, spent untold hours working on the legal aspects of renting my current home, and spent some time at the hospital with my mother (who is OK now). I also had to spend a lot of time in the classroom during the week, and will again this week. When I teach the younger kids, it drains my energy rather drastically. This coming week, my game is on. Hopefully with a chance to play against Necrons.

I am partially done with my first set of reviews for the Necron codex. I am even considering purchasing a small necron force now that I have had time to read and play around with the codex. Time will tell.

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