Believe it or not, they may have just did it selectively, possibly for testing. Check out the pic of the Krieg Lascannon team that a Forgeworld customer received.

So this customer received a Krieg Lascannon team in finecast resin, and on Facebook Forgeworld responded that they trialed finecast resin on some small batches. So the question remains, is the Forgeworld writer on facebook just covering up a trial of what may be a change in resins in the near future?

via UberBeast who recieved the order.
In a recent order from Forgeworld I received a krieg lascannon team that was resculpted and cast in finecast resin. The order had been for a Heavy Bolter, but the actual model in the bag ended up being this lascannon despite the paper instructions saying it was a HB.

Response from Forgeworld found by Eldargal on Facebook
From the FW Facebook page:
Finecast resin is not Forge World resin. While both are a two-part resin mix, Finecast with its additional 'flex' isn't suitable for manufacturing most of the FW range, although many of the techniques were trialed on some of our smaller kits such as heavy weapons teams. The customers in question have probably just received one of these kits.


  1. God, I really hope GW doesn't influence FW into their "Finecast is Bee's Knee's" mentality they are all up in. I like Finecast more than I liked working with most GW metals, but FW resin is better than that (even with all the filler FW uses...)

  2. That's not really new. I ordered a bunch of Death Korps troopers back in May or June and one heavy mortar team was cast just like Finecast resin (akin to the pics above).

    I called FW, and got roughly the same answer.

    However being a long time purchaser of FW products, I have to say that the last batch of models I received from them were of much better quality than usual : less air bubles, no loss of detail...

    Maybe GW and FW are learning from each other as far as resin goes

  3. @ anonymous
    they are produced in the same house by same people... only on paper they are 2 companys

  4. They said they trialled it on some of the small kits which makes sense, as I really don't think it would work on the big boys like Titans etc. the extra flex in finecast wouldn't lend itself well to large, heavy pieces like Titan weapons which would probably just warp under it's own weight.

    Capn' Stoogey (FW junkie! :)

  5. All I can say is...

  6. Izaak Von StrizenozovicNovember 18, 2011 at 9:45 AM

    Greetings all

    Be good if FW could use a resin that won't risk their customers health. May have already changed since 3/4 years ago when I bought a Bloodthirster, but I remember being advised to wear a mask.

  7. Bummer. I haven't been that impressed with the new GW resin. I had to do a lot of work on my Dark Eldar and send orders back several times. Maybe I just got a lot of bad batches because I have heard a lot of people lately are happy with it but I would stop purchasing from FW if they make the switch.

  8. @ Anonym.
    LOL :DDD
    ofc some people are happy... i saw a vid of a guy that had the SM chap with jumppack and half the jumppack was missing and the model itself was a mess too... but the guy was happy with it, fixed it up a bit, didn´t complain or send it back!

    Some people are just blind GW fanboys that put up with everything and excuse everything GW does.

    Its like some Hostage/rape victims defend their tormentor! :)

  9. I think the real question is... Why was the guy ordering a HB team?

  10. Izaal Von StrizenozovicNovember 18, 2011 at 11:12 AM

    Greetings Warlord22
    Maybe he was a 'blind' fan. Or maybe GW were holding him hostage and threatening rape if he didn't do the vid.

  11. @warlord i really don't appreciate the amount of negative, very subjective opinions you put out on here dude. I read this site because it doesn't think hating GW is cool. If you don't like them get a new hobby or something but don't come here to troll please because it's not informative or constructive.

  12. @ above
    why don´t you get a diffrent hobby?
    can i not have an opinion that is not bias of a company, becaus of a GAME i play?

    just becaus i drive a car doesn´t mean i can´t rant about oil prices

  13. Lets keep the personal disagreements out of the comment sections. There are plenty of forums that appreciate that sort of discourse.

    It's OK to disagree with opinions here, but lets stay on topic.

  14. Thanks for stepping in Natfka, please don't let this site be taken over by trolls, it's why I prefer to visit your site!

  15. Btw im not the same anon who addressed warlord.

  16. There are no trolls in 40k. Need fantasy for D&D for that.... finecast FW might be a really good thing, because it could let FW produce more kits in more volume. I see only advantages toward more FW kits on the gaming tables!

  17. this is the vid i was talking about

    to those that feel offended by the comment above... be more open minded!

  18. And im sure gw replaced it with no questions. I myself had a issue with one mini out of 6 boxes of wracks from the first wave and was replaced right away.

    Its not like gw is the only company that has quality control issues because fully half of my minis were missing from my warmachine 2 player box set, and like gw, pp replaced them right away.

  19. I have a hard time imagining the larger models in Finecast. I guess it's doable but the material might not be the best. A little soft.

  20. Finecast sucks..........FACT!
    I'm not a huge fan of spending hard earned cash on a figure i have to then resculpt myself.
    Don't do it FW. Resist!


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