Recently we had heard that Matt Ward was the author of the upcoming Chaos Legions codex. Well, a first hand report Games Day says quite the opposite where Matt Ward said quite obviously that he was not the current author.

So who is it? Personally at this point for myself it does not matter much. I enjoy Matt Ward's codex writing, although the last two codex's have been very straight forward, meaning that I think they are great for beginning to immediate levels of warhammer players. So in the end I would like to see Matt Ward write the book, however, its time for another author to really keep the flow going and keep the great codex's coming.

Here are the conflicting rumors, please take with salt. Relevant information underlined and in bold.

Rumor 1
via Ghost21
-ive only seen a dreadnaught of the two mentioned (regarding a previous report of new plastic Chaos Dread and Raptors)

-To quickly add. will lesser chaos gods feture. yes n all of the fallen legions will be there

-saw preliminary types for khonate chrono gladiators... and a really bizarre night lord assassin type thing...

-oh im sure if people want a new abaddon.. i saw one but really it isnt much...

-little horus on the other hand... now there's a wow figure

-there was a little heated discussion weather alpha legion should be in this or the traitors dex... there in the legion dex

-the new abaddon as really it just seems bigger n bulkier, like somebody 3d scanned it n made him larger

-the minor chaos gods are already named, its like marks though, no daemons

-i did see a dark mechanicus guy... not sure if he will make it though, a very creepy sculpt based on a john Blanche piece

-this is really something to be taken with a grain of salt there may may be a 30k boxed set at some point, containing one of each of the legions characters

-oh one last thing its ward

via Firestorm 9/26/2011 (bolter and chainsword)
Hello all, I just thought I’d share my sort-of discussions regarding a future Chaos Codex with two members of the development team at yesterday’s Games Day ‘event’.

Basically, I spoke to Jervis Johnson (head designer, apparently) and Matt Ward (yeah, I know, I know…). Now, I could have ranted at them with four years of hatred towards our lack-lustre Codex, but I thought it would be more productive (and less antagonistic) if I approached them with a friendly smile (well, what pass as one from me ) and my own personal thoughts/desires on our next Codex.

In a nutshell, more options regarding things like vehicles, specifically variants of Rhinos and Land Raiders – I said that the reasons for restricting the loyalist Marines with what they can do to theirs don’t apply to Chaos (we don’t have angry Tech Priests after us), so if we want to, say, put Assault Ramps on our Rhinos, there’s no one to stop us!

I also tried to get across that Chaos Marine armies (whether you go for Renegades or Legions) can broadly fit in to two approaches which could shape the development of this Codex – firstly the ‘Black Crusade’, which is about throwing the full force of what your army/legion does best till you opponent has nothing standing (I guess this could include your World Eaters Berzerker assault force, or an Iron Warriors siege force, or the relentless march of the Death Guard). The second approach is the Cultist/Ambush/Terror approach – the one where you don’t have the resources for a full scale invasion, but you’ve already sent your agents (be they infiltrating Marines or Cultists) to defeat your enemy before they’ve even realised they’re at war – assassinating commanders, sabotaging and destroying tanks, that sort of thing (obviously, this is your Night Lords, Alpha Legion, perhaps Word Bearers army). Either way, whichever approach should still allow themed, or Legion based lists, if that’s what Chaos players wanted

In my conversations with both Jervis and Matt, I started off saying that I’d like to see Special Characters that add army wide abilities, which got very strong nods of understanding from both of them. The problem I immediately hit was that they both pretty much said that they’re not going to be involved with the development of Chaos Marines; Jervis said that he would pass on my comments thought (whether he does is another thing!).

You may find Matt Ward’s response more interesting: he basically said blatantly that he was not going to be working on Chaos. Yes, that’s right, you can all breathe a sigh of relief! Then, more interestingly, he looked around for the other member of the team at Games Day, who was absent every time I went to the developers’ area, but would have liked to speak to – a certain Mr Phil Kelly. Now, (cue wild speculation) judging by this, I got the strong impression that Phil Kelly is likely to be involved in the development – perhaps even writing it?

That was the only serious nugget that I found of comfort from Jervis or Matt Ward to be honest. They both talked about there being a lot of potential with Chaos Marines that a future codex could build upon. Matt Ward went further, basically saying in so many words that he realised the Chaos codex is disliked and that it didn’t really achieve what the later, more recent Codices have. He also said that the Codices from Space Wolves onwards should give more of the shape of a Chaos Marine Codex, in terms of increased amount of options. Hopefully, like some Codices, that means under-priced/over powered (delete as appropriate ) units like these other ones, too He also said about the current Chaos Codex that it offers a good basis from which to start developing a new one. Not sure I agree with him, but I’m hoping he means that it is something that can be expanded and improved upon, rather than just recycling it…

So, I had gone to Games Day with the intention of getting in to a really intense discussion about giving Chaos a codex of which it is worthy. I think I didn’t really speak to the right people for that (if only I’d have been able to find Phil Kelly!), so I think ultimately I got some insubstantial platitudes. I was heartened that a) Matt Ward won’t be writing the next Chaos Codex, and b ) there was the suggestion that Phil Kelly is at the very least going to be involved in the development of our next codex.

So, that’s all I have to offer I’m afraid, but I hope it provides some fuel for discussion and/or speculation.


  1. When I look at an army and codex I think of the following: are the miniatures cool? does the codex make me want to buy and use said cool miniatures? do the unit descriptions inspire my imagination? Only after drooling over advance order pictures, looking at the stats of the units in the codex and reading their descriptions do I read the fluff at the start.

    If it wasn't for these sort of sites, I'd never pay heed to who the author is. Two words, Matt Ward, and people seem willing to throw their neatly collected, converted and painted miniatures out the window. Is it just me, or should Shakespear be writing about this: 'much ado about nothing.'

    Okay Draigo, okay a Grey Knight with a daemon sword. Not forgeting Thawn (for you daemon players, turn him to spawn and he wont come back). Yet if I'd listened to all the hysteria over Matt Ward ruining the Necrons, I wouldn't have bought a thoroughly enjoyable codex, which has convinced me to buy the army.

    Please give the guy a break. Critisism is one thing, especially if it's constructive. But this is starting to look more like a hate campaign.

    He's only human.

  2. May be...but this guy is shattering the game...

  3. Can't see the problem with Matt Ward. You can ignore the fluff if you want, but you cannot ignore the rules. No matter what you might say, he is consistent with rules. Because he has written so many new codices, overpowered loses its meaning. After all, when you rage about a codex, what are you comparing the power of it to?
    Shattering the game? Move with the times, please.

  4. i don´t even understand why people want new CSM dex????
    there are 4 other dexes that need update much more... CSM are still good in comparison to BAs SWs and vanilla

    people just have to get away from their retarded spam list of bad units like Oblits, Demons with Lash ect.

  5. Didn't a guy with Oblits and lash win the semi-recent Ard Boyz here at Fantasy Flight in Minnesota? Can't be too horrible a codex.

    I saw him play a DE player and lash a DE squad of wyches around his webway portal to block the beasts coming through (they had to footslog it from the board edge after that). Overall that move cost the game to the DE player.

  6. CSM needs a new dex cause it's boring as hell. When was the last time you saw someone play without 2/9 and be succesful?

    With Necrons and DE redone, I don't see many codices that need a new dex before chaos. BA/BT? Perhaps, but CSM has a way bigger player base.

  7. @Warlord22

    Some have said they want there to be a difference between the 10,000 years old Legions and the more recent renegades. Makes sense from the point of view that recent traitors will have recent tech, such as vindicator, while the older legions would have heresy era stuff. They also want characters to give specialist rules to legion armies, bit like codex space marines. Just what I've picked up, there may be other reasons.


    Good point. With so many overpowered dexs, we need overpowered dexs to balance it all out. Lets not forget one rumour: all codexes since tyranids has been written with 6th edition in mind. Overpowered in 5th might seem normal in 6th.

    @Anonymous 10:40 AM

    Obliterators are great! Even better, they're haevy support so allow you Terminators too. What could be more powerful!

    @Anonymous 10:50

    In light of all the recent codexes, with all their options and general coolness. I'd agree the chaos guys need more units and fluff if nothing else. This is a hope, NOT a rumour, I HOPE for plastic dreadclaws hellblades and hell talons.

  8. @ Terrible T
    yeah maybe people want that... but i don´t see that happening... if at all there could be a Khorn and Nurgel only dex and one for rest CSMs... caus thats the stuff thats selling

    I don´t expect GW to listen to fans ever... their focus is on profit and stock not on customer-care

  9. @ Warlord22

    Alas, you are right about GW. If only they knew this fundamental truth: HAPPY FANS SPEND MONEY! UNHAPPY FANS QUIT, AND FEWER FANS MEANS LESS MONEY!

    Yeah you can put your prices up but in the end, people will just say 'I'm being ripped off!' and they quit. Before long, the business goes bust. All because they (incert your own phrase) their fans.

  10. I agree, Anon 10:40. As we've talked about. My Necrons didn't have a hard time on the table. Still agree with you, why do they need a new codex? The Necron player at 'ard boyz final invitational at FF pulled a draw and minour victory against Grey Knights. Didn't catch his last round. Probably continued to do great. The Necron player tank shocked Draigo off the table. Would've loved to see that!

  11. @ Terrible T
    fewer fans doesn´t mean less money for them... It just means they crank the price up a bit more than usual :(

    They sold less again in 2011 (read annual report on their site)... and jet they claim finecast was a huge succes and loved by fans?!!

    But if you look closely... their profit has shrunk, but their costs have been cut as well makeing their loses much smaller than they should be... In other words, they just reduce the amount of plastic in the kits & switch to cheaper midiums (resin/finecast) and then they make good profit anyways.

  12. @ a Sent One
    its about the player not the dex
    good payers can win with "lesser" lists or dexes
    saidly GW can´t make money off of that idea :/

  13. @warlord, change the record dude, its getting lame "oooh the great evil that is gw that hates its collectors" frankly you are talking rubbish.they are a business. look at the price of petrol over the last 5 years. As for terrible T i couldnt agree more.if matt ward 'broke' armies they'd win all the tourneys and the uk throne of skulls was won by nids!!!

  14. I agree w anon above!!

  15. I am just hoping that maybe the do something wioth the landraiders. Like being able to add Blastmaster and Sonic to it... I play chaos But will agree that it is missing a lot... But then again I only got ino this the codex before this one....

  16. I play chaos...but less frequently. Theya re overpriced for what they offer. Period.

  17. Well, Andy Chambers moved back to Nottingham... A man can dream.

  18. Anon from 10:40

    Hey I'm not saying CSM don't need some love. I have a SoB army, so I think I have some experience there.

    GW seems to be doing better with codex releases, so lets see what the future brings.


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