Two new Megaforce Army sets are great deals, and now available for pre-order. Each one is a great deal sitting at $215.00
Games Workshop Pre-Orders

via Games Workshop
Whether you're new to the hobby or have been collecting for years, these new Megaforce and Army sets are amazing value for money and make the perfect Christmas gift. They're a great way to start a new Space Marines, Dark Eldar, Skaven or High Elf army. Make sure you place your orders today as they're only available While Stocks Last.


  1. Honestly, I wish their were more options. I think that now would have been a perfect time to capitalize on a Necron Megaforce, but since everyone is willing to buy the kits at full price I guess they wouldn't undercut themselves by selling them at a discount in a bundle deal. Only two options per game though sucks in my opinion.

  2. Proving the point that no matter what they put out...

    On-topic: More options more better, but Ebay seems to work best for me. Now if we could just get the fan-base more toward lower-model count skirmishing (,, Killzone, Coreheim) and Mordheim/Necromunda type stuff so the barrier cost to entry is lowered across the board.

  3. Space Marine Megaforce = £130
    Models bought seperately = £204
    Saving = £74
    Add to that the £35 saving with the Space Marine Battleforce.

    £299 worth of models for £190 = £109 saving total. Sounds VERY good to me.

    Be much better if GW did Megaforces for the other armies, but perhaps Dark Eldar and Space Marines are the most popular.

  4. Well, GW will always do Space Marines for a set like this, and from what I've heard, Dark Eldar were very popular, so I guess it made sense to make a set for both of them.

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