Rumors about the three Chaos Codexes coming soon. The first of which we should see next year, Chaos Legions. I for one am frothing at the mouth for Chaos Renegades which I will buy. I also will start a new army when Chaos Legions comes out, so yes figure another 6-8k pt army for me.

What is this big guy in the picture? Well he is in the rumors below, so check it out.

Please remember that rumors are rumors, please take with salt.

via Ghost21
okay time to end the what ifs....
there will be 3 chaos dexes as far as im aware, legions, renegades n daemons

now daemons will appear in the legion dex but not those awful lesser things they are now... im not sure about greater daemons... however if you are doing a legion list its based on "black legion(or the generic list)" or one of the others


whats there ?, lots

world eaters with bolt guns you say... yeah there there

expect very powerful characters here (they are 10 Milena old)... my favorite is the overpowered red angel... now he IS angry

would I be correct to assume the renegades book will include some "lost and the damned" style units? traitor guard, mutants etc

thats the plan, but also rules for , chapters that have gone bad

I assume the Red Corsairs will figure prominently in the Renegade book? Will they try and give Renegade chapters more "codex/loyalist" gear?

not exactly as i understand its a latd list first n foremost

traitor generals, guard, SOME marines, mutants, cults etc

checking my Horus Heresy Artbooks again after some years I ended up looking at a picture that before I never really paid much attention to:

Horus' allies shown on page 40/41 of HH3: Visions of Treachery. There is also a picture on page 45 that shows what I am asking about in detail.

The picture shows a Marine in Power Armour, engulfed in flames, tied with chains, with Blood Angel iconography that hovers over the ground next to Ahriman of the Thousand Sons.

Who or what is that?? Is he a poor survivor of the slaughter on Signus Prime? A victim of the demon(s) that also wounded Sanguinius?

I never ever came across an explaination for this "demon" Blood Angel.

It actually took a while until I realized that guy has BA icons on his armour. And how's Ahriman involved in this or is it coincidence he is next to him in that artwork?

Here Ghost21 talks about people that like to dis rumor sources. Personally I think he just ignore them and continue what he does, but its often so hard to not respond to stupid posts in forums.

1. There is a post on dakka if i remember correctly, about Ghost informations. 50% of them are right but 50% are misses.

2. its still hard to belive you have good info on a dex (and specially its rules and stats) that will hit stores next year.
Dont get me wrong, you may have the best intentions, but still many things may change. I work in a bank (big company) and I have no idea what will be our strategy for next year.

urm yes everything to be taken with salt

but its been said for a while there would be 3 dexes, even if they decided to split the legions, well id be told... for a while i heard there would be cult, and non cult dexes however i was told that IF this happens the chaos dex would be delayed another 6 months at least

my position within the company really? do people want me to loose that, honestly, i think theres 2 people who know who i am n where i work on this board

and if you search my posts i do explain my hit n misses

lastly I try not to post stats, some hints of rules certainly, but not everything... i do get into some hot water occasionally,

however there are some people who object to the tight lipness of gw... and as long as they stay this way ill continue to post what i have, even if i get a bent ear

ghost out


  1. he is not really saying much... 3 dexes... we have 2 now and their used to be rules for renegades in Eye of Terror. So that only speaks for 1 new dex.
    There are 9 Legions... and some SWs & DAs traitors wich don´t form a legion. All the other marines that fall to chaos join one of the legions. The idea that there are more than 9 legions only supports fan-made legions or fan-made colore-schemas.
    Personally i don´t see demons makeing it back into the CSM book.
    Ghost21s 50% rate on rumors doesn´t speak for his accuracy... 50% is the win-rate when guessing.

  2. Makes sense about 3 codexes. I HOPE Ghost21 is right about this, if nothing else. Could renew my shattered interest in Nurgle if they get some goodies.

  3. Ghost21's accuracy is better than 50/50. That statistic was someone's drama on a forum. He just chose to respond to it.

  4. As inspector Cleuso would say: "I believe everything, and I believe nothing." Ghoast21 seems to join GW and Matt Ward on the haters hit list. I was told something exciting by a member of GW staff. It didn't happen. Pleased I kept it to myself or you might all be spitting venom at me.

  5. well how good is ghost21s ratio?
    i don´t see any threads started by him on warseer (maybe i missed them?) he just posting randomly?

    to me his rumors seam to vague.. 3 dexes no time frame?!! Posts several comments instead of starting ONE thread with all the info?!!
    first its 1 then 2 now 3 dexes? And his wording is wierd for someone thats legit

    I just find the Tau or BT rumors more truthfull... besids the dexes being 2 years older than CSM.

  6. btw... ghost also posted BT and Tau rumors but after other people postet Tau rumors
    they can´t all be true!

  7. Then you should maybe know that 70% of the Tau and BT rumours are from him as the source?

  8. Sweet Jesus. He actually wrote "there there". I want to scoop my eyes out with a melon baller so I never see it again.

  9. so who is the red angel? ive been wondering about that for years!

  10. Aye I sadly learnt nothing new of the Red angel here, someone who bugs me so much being a lore nerd.

  11. I'm going to use this space to say please, oh please, let there be a new Daemon codex. My warp-spawned brethren are getting angry at their misrepresentation.

  12. That picture means absolutely nothing, I hate to say. I've seen it years ago; it's just a captive Blood Angel being tortured.

  13. Outcast dead page 306, " the red angel has thrown his lot in with Horus." BOOM

  14. If you remember, before Matt Ward did the Blood Angel codex, The Knights of Blood were already listed in the CSM codex, and they had the head of a juggernaut as the chapter symbol.

  15. Looks like it could be Magnus the Red to me...


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