The rumor mill seemed to be just coasting through the holiday week with some exciting bits about the upcoming Chaos Legions Codex, and a few bits about the Demuirg and Tau Empire Codex.  Otherwise it was a pretty slow week.

For myself it was a week filled with trying to buy a house, the holiday itself, and a little refinement work on my Purifier list. Which of course means more model work needs to be done, but that is OK.

Presence of Faeit is my weekly editorial. I generally report during the week what is going on, and today is my day to comment on what exactly it is that I am thinking of.

This little bit has everyone pretty excited, and the possibility of being able to play a Demuirg only list has lots of people speculating just about everything under the sun.

The rumors point to a HQ and a Troop choice for the Demuirg, which by itself seems rather bland and more than a little boring. Even if the the Demuirg came with 3 options, you are looking at a very boring list.

What I hope is that Games Workshop makes it so you can take a Demuirg themed army, and that the other units and or races somehow fit into it quite nicely in the fluff. My concerns are that the Demuirg will just get a little side note saying that they are an ally of the Tau Empire without really giving us some background to integrate them into the Tau Empire.

Otherwise I am very excited to really get into the themes of this release. I think it will be just as exciting as the Necrons release was.

Chaos Legions
This is the one codex that fans of Chaos Space Marines have been waiting on for 10 or so years. Ever since chapter approved moved on from 3rd edition to the 4th edition I think chaos fans have been biting at the bit for something like this, and now that its right around the corner, most of us cannot contain the excitement.

If Chaos Legions is released close to the release of 6th edition it will make for one of the best Warhammer 40k summers in memory. One of the most expensive as well, as I will be starting an army. My preference is for a return to me building Night Lords, however I am going to keep my options open until a much closer time or the codex is in hand.

Grey Knights
I have been getting in some games with my Grey Knight lists, and some good refinement has taken place. There is a comfort level you get after fielding your army many times over, and I think finally I am getting there. It does help of course that the Grey Knight codex is a rather simple one.

I love my Purifiers. I have put in many different unit options with my Purifiers, from Celexus assassins, storm ravens, librarians, and many more. Even Crowe has become a very useful model on the table top for me (imagine that). One of the primary learned traits with a purifier list, is that no matter how good you think you are at close combat, you are a shooting unit. You are simply better at shooting than you are you at close combat. You are no slouch at close combat, but you are simply amazing at shooting anything within 24". 

The getting comfortable part of playing Grey Knights is getting used to the "range" factor, or a list that deals with it specifically. Range has driven a majority of my refinements for playing this army.

Culexus Assassin
Now one questions I am going to throw out at the readers here is about the culexus assassin is regarding what is considered a pskyer. Primarily regarding the psychic pilot rule and whether or not the vehicle feeds the celexus. When reading the Psychic Pilot rule, please remember that "and" is a conjunction in the English language.

Here are both rules
Psychic Pilot
A vehicle with this special rule is treated as being a psyker (master level 1) and leadership 10 for purposes of psychic tests and psychic hoods.

Culexus Assassin
for every psyker within 12" of the Culexus Assassin, add +1 to the animus speculum's assault value.

Have at it.

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